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How to open the Alipay collection code?

How to open the Alipay collection code?

Conditions for opening PayPal collection code

1、 The collection code must be 50 transactions.

Two, Alipay decides normal use.

As long as the above two conditions are met, payment can be opened.

How to open the PayPal collection code

1, open the Alipay on your mobile phone and click. After entering the Alipay interface, we click on the "mine" in the bottom navigation.

2. In the personal center interface, we can see a 'merchant service'. Of course, if you don't see this menu item, it means you don't have permission.

3. Click to enter the business service interface, we can see that there is a 'spend Bai collect money' button, we click. The default is off. We need to click the on switch.

4. As long as we open it, when someone scans the code to pay, you can choose Huabai or credit card!