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How to deal with frequent insomnia at night

How to fall asleep at night

Four seas network: modern people have a lot of work and study pressure, plus the fast pace of life, irregular work and rest, many friends' sleep quality is greatly reduced, and even insomnia occurs, which seriously affects daily life, so how to get fast sleep in the evening? The following is a summary of quick sleep methods and techniques and taboos before sleep!

1. Distraction

Many people can't sleep for a long time because they can't be distracted. They can use numbers to distract.

2. Do not drink coffee before going to bed

Coffee contains caffeine compounds. Its function is to eliminate fatigue and excite nerves. No wonder coffee drinkers can't sleep all night.

3. Take a hot bath before going to bed

Taking a hot bath before going to bed can help relax muscles and relieve tension, and can make you tired.

4. Stop exercising before going to bed

Exercise before going to bed can be exciting. When people are excited, they will think about the West and the East, which is not conducive to sleep.

5. Keep the temperature in the bedroom

The bedroom temperature is too low or too high can not guarantee the quality of sleep, so the appropriate temperature is more conducive to sleep.

6. Stop eating before going to bed

Don't eat a lot before going to bed, it's easy to let stomach acid flow back. It's not conducive to sleep, but will cause impact.

7. Turn off all lights in the bedroom

If the light is too bright, it will reduce the secretion of melatonin in the brain. In this case, people will be in a sober state. It is recommended to turn off all the lights in the bedroom. Of course, you can also choose the darker and softer lights.

8. Comfortable bed

Too hard or too soft mattress will affect the quality of sleep, you can choose the right mattress.

9. Limit daytime sleep time

If you sleep too much in the daytime and want to sleep at night, you will feel sleepless at all. This is because you've overslept during the day.

10. Avoid sleeping on your back

The best sleeping position is to lie on the right side, so that the whole body bones and muscles are in a state of natural relaxation, easy to fall asleep, and easy to eliminate fatigue. Lying on the back will make the whole body bones and muscles still in a tense state, which is not conducive to eliminating fatigue, but also easy to cause nightmares due to hand over chest, affecting sleep quality.