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Which brand of yoghurt machine is good? How to choose yoghurt machine in 2017

Which brand of yoghurt machine is good? How to choose yoghurt machine in 2017 sour, sweet and delicious yogurt is the favorite of many people. In fact, yogurt is very simple, so someone will choose to make it himself in order to drink fresh and nutritious yogurt, so yogurt machine has become the choice of many people, but many novices don't know where to start when they choose yogurt machine, so do you know what to look at when they choose yogurt machine? The following small knitting will bring you Here are some tips for choosing yogurt machine!

Self made yoghurt mainly adopts constant temperature fermentation method, so when using yoghurt machine to make yoghurt, the most basic function of yoghurt machine is heating and constant temperature. As long as the machine can heat and keep the temperature constant, then the machine can make yogurt. Time is also very important when making yogurt. The fermentation time of yogurt is not constant. The fermentation time of yogurt is related to the quality of milk, the quality of fermentation powder, the temperature of the environment and other factors. When the yoghurt machine is making yoghurt, the power will be cut off automatically when the yoghurt is made. After that, the user just needs to put the yoghurt in the refrigerator and freeze it immediately.

How to choose yoghurt machine

1. The design of a good yoghurt machine is also particular. We should pay attention to the design of uniform temperature structure when purchasing, which can make the temperature of every place in the yoghurt machine consistent, prevent the high temperature in some places from killing the lactic acid bacteria in the yoghurt, and ensure the activity of the lactic acid bacteria. Also pay attention to the choice of transparent cover, so that you can observe the change of yoghurt in the yoghurt machine. After that, it depends on whether the fresh-keeping box container design is adopted, so as to ensure a good sealing between the container cover and the container, so as to prevent the yogurt from being polluted by other impurities in the production process.

2. Capacity. Simply speaking, the capacity is how much yogurt can be made by the yogurt machine. According to the relevant investigation, we know that each person drinks an average of 250ml of yogurt every day. More than this amount may cause gastrointestinal discomfort. In general, the self-made yoghurt should be drunk three days before, so it is suggested that you can keep the yoghurt for one week and not drink it after one week. According to these, we should consider the capacity of the yoghurt machine when we purchase. This capacity can be determined by the number of people who drink yoghurt. If there are two people who drink yoghurt, it is better to choose products with more than one liter. There are more people to drink, so we can choose a two liter yogurt machine.

3. Price. The price of yoghurt machine in the market is different. There are tens of yuan and hundreds of yuan. We should not think that the higher the price is, the better. We should choose according to our own demand and economic situation. The yoghurt machine with tens of yuan is usually an automatic product, which is suitable for people who occasionally make yoghurt at home. The 100 yuan yogurt machine is usually electronic control type, with temperature control board, with more functions than others, such as brewing, making natto and other functions, suitable for those who like to make gourmet food at home.

4. Internal material. When choosing, we should also look at the internal material of the yoghurt machine, which we call the inner tank. There are two types of liner materials: fresh box and stainless steel. Compared with the fresh box, the stainless steel liner is easier to clean, safer and more durable. So we choose stainless steel yogurt machine as the liner material.

5. The appearance and appearance are what we first saw when we purchased the products. We also need to see the appearance of the products first when we select the yoghurt machine. Generally, the production of yoghurt machine is relatively simple, so some small-scale manufacturers may cut corners, resulting in the appearance of some yoghurt machines with rough outside and poor workmanship in the market. We should pay attention to whether the workmanship of the yoghurt machine is fine when purchasing. Generally, the handle will be very good when the workmanship is fine, the seam is also very even, and the appearance is smooth without impurities. We must pay attention to distinguish when we buy.

6. Function. At present, the main function of the yoghurt machine on the market can make probiotic yoghurt and ordinary yoghurt, but some businesses have also developed the production of fruit milk, fruit wine and even natto. It is suggested that you choose some with more functions during purchase, so that you can drink more sour milk. Here to add to the production of probiotic yoghurt and natto function practical Oh!

7. Heating, the high-quality yoghurt machine is very scientific when heating. It can not only heat yoghurt more evenly through three-dimensional heating method, and then strengthen the taste of yoghurt, but also heat it through computer automatic temperature adjustment, so as to ensure the success rate of making yoghurt. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the heating mode of yoghurt machine when purchasing

The above is the knowledge of how to buy a yoghurt machine and how to buy a yoghurt machine introduced by Xiaobian. I believe you have a certain understanding of the yoghurt machine after reading this article. In fact, there are many brands of yoghurt machine, but in order to be more easy to use, we need to pay attention to the methods of purchase. Only by paying attention to these, we can better purchase yoghurt machine.