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Can Yunnan No. 1 school boil traditional Chinese medicine in a big iron pot

Can Yunnan No. 1 school boil traditional Chinese medicine in a big iron pot

&#Recently, a school in Yunnan sympathizes with students and cooks traditional Chinese medicine in a big iron pot, causing heated discussion. Unexpectedly, the school's philanthropy has caused netizens' controversy. All the public opinions point to the fact that the iron pot can't cook traditional Chinese medicine. Moreover, as a medical college, it shouldn't make such low-level mistakes. However, some netizens say that the school has done bad things for the sake of students, There are netizens joking: This is to kill learning slag. Can iron pot boil traditional Chinese medicine? Let's have a look!

​ on the evening of October 23, China Daily published a blog on its official microblog entitled "schools in other people's homes, a school in Yunnan will cook traditional Chinese medicine in a big iron pot and give it to students free of charge", with pictures of boiling traditional Chinese medicine on the spot and students queuing up to receive it. The content of the microblog is: Recently, the weather in Kunming has changed a lot, and students are easy to get sick. The Infirmary of XX college in Yunnan Province has been crowded, so the teacher specially cooks a pot of medicine at the entrance of the school canteen to let the students with symptoms receive it free of charge.

​ first of all, we should like the behavior of the school. The original intention of the school is to think about the health of the students, and the drugs are distributed free of charge. In the face of a large number of students, the school can apply the drugs free of charge, we must applaud them. Some netizens even said that maybe this is the concern of the school. Although we can't do our best for every student, we will try our best to do our best, which is already very good. According to the inquiry, the school is a medical higher vocational school, which is a famous old medical college in Yunnan Province.

&#However, careful Netizens found that the utensils used to boil traditional Chinese medicine were a large iron pot, which also made netizens quickly fry the pot. One after another, they said that as medical colleges and universities, they used iron pots to boil traditional Chinese medicine and lacked basic medical knowledge.

​ according to the code for the administration of traditional Chinese medicine decoction rooms in medical institutions issued by the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, in the future, the decoction containers used in traditional Chinese medicine decoction rooms in hospitals should be made of ceramic, stainless steel, copper and other materials, and iron and other corrosive containers are forbidden. Some netizens also said that because Chinese medicine contains many alkaloids and various biochemical substances, it can not be boiled in iron vessels, especially under heating conditions, it will produce certain toxicity.

​ with the continuous fermentation of the situation, it caused a lot of waves on the Internet. To this end, the school responded in its official microblog that "the school has a heart, the sufferer has no intention". Yes, the original intention of the school is really out of goodwill, maybe it's just caused by the carelessness of the person who cooks medicine for a while. But even so, is the cost of betting on the health of all students too high? It is worth pondering.