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How does Alipay's electronic marriage certificate lead Alipay to get an electronic marriage certific

On both sides of the Changjiang River, the news that Alipay could get the marriage license began yesterday. The buddies who called Alipay were very capable. How did they get the Alipay marriage license? Don't worry. I'll share it with you.

How to get Alipay's electronic marriage certificate?

First of all, open Alipay, search Alipay in Jiangsu, and then get the same electronic certificate of marriage with the actual bonus in my card pack. Guys, are you clear?

The conditions for receiving the Alipay electronic marriage certificate

1. It is the first pilot project in Jiangsu Province, but other cities have not yet opened it.

2, not all couples in Jiangsu can receive the specific rules of using the crowd and receiving rules. It depends on the "Alipay'2.0" version of Alipay's Mini program, or the 12345 hotline.

3. The electronic marriage certificate is convenient and avoids the problem of losing and forgetting the marriage certificate.

4. In the future, services such as reissue of marriage certificate, appointment of marriage certificate and verification of marriage registration information may appear online, and more online hosting businesses will appear.