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Can I stay overnight at the airport

For long-distance travel, we often meet the situation that we need to spend the night at the airport, especially in case of emergency, flight delay, or the peak period of National Day holidays. For most people, this is not a very good experience, because the sleeping conditions at the airport are not better than that at the hotel or at home, but we can try our best to sleep at ease. So, what should we do?

Because Xiaobian's requirements for sleep quality are also particularly high, so I have deep experience. Therefore, Xiaobian is going to send you a strategy of staying overnight at the airport today. Please put it away!

Best overnight airport recommendation

Best sleep Airport - Changi Airport, Singapore

This is an airport that has been ranked as "the best place to sleep" for 18 years in a row. Many people are impressed by the fact that there are comfortable reclining chairs in line with human body science. Lie down and fall asleep immediately!

There's free WiFi, game equipment, even 24-hour spa and swimming pool. The chair with massage function can cure the backache and foot pain caused by a long journey. Here you can forget everything and sleep for a while. Of course, you are afraid that you will miss the flight if you can't get up. You must set the alarm clock!

Tip: if you transfer at Changi Airport, Terminal T3 will have more facilities than other terminals. The massage chair is free! You can go through the formalities and enjoy it.

Wake up naturally Airport - wanta airport, Helsinki

This airport is so intimate that many passengers with poor sleep quality can have enough rest time. This secret weapon is the sleeping egg launched by the airport, which perfectly solves the problem that it is not easy for passengers to fall asleep.

People sleep in this eggshell like chair, the noise and light are isolated from the outside. It can be said that as long as you pull on the black shading curtain, you will be the only one in the world. There is a socket beside the seat, and you can put luggage at your feet. A small sleeping egg has many functions, which perfectly solves the problem of airport sleep!

Tips: sleeping eggs are mainly from gate 18 to gate 38 of the airport, and the charge is 9 euro per hour

24-hour Capsule Hotel Airport - Tokyo Haneda Airport

We all know that many designs in Japan are very user-friendly, which is well reflected in the Haneda airport. The interior of the airport is very clean and comfortable, and it also provides 24-hour hot food, all of which are sold automatically.

In addition, there is also a capsule hotel in Haneda airport. A person can sleep quietly in a clean capsule, and there is hot food to eat. Even if you watch TV in the capsule, it won't disturb other people.

Tip: there are many capsule hotels, which are located near the post office of terminal 1. The price is 6300 yen per night

'get drunk' Airport - Munich Airport, Germany

I'm not afraid of 'drunk driving' by plane. This big beer maker in Germany even sells beer at the airport. It doesn't matter if I'm drunk, as long as I don't miss the plane.

Munich Airport in Germany is famous for its man-made surfing. The name of "the world's best catering airport" is not in vain. There are more than 50 restaurants in one airport.

In addition to satiety, the airport has also set up a brewery restaurant, where passengers can see the whole process of beer brewing. They can also spend a few euros to buy a glass of beer to drink freely. Good wine is always matched with the night. At Munich Airport, you must experience such a hearty booze.

Tips: the winery restaurant is at Exit 1 of the airport. At present, it is the only brewing theme Airport Restaurant in Europe. It opens until 1 am

Museum Airport - Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

If you want to experience the airport like a museum, don't miss the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, which is a transit place for many people to go to Europe. In addition to having a good rest here, you can also visit their national museum by the way.

It's free and open, and the collection will be changed regularly. If you like, you can go to the world's first airport library here. I believe you can learn a lot of foreign cultures after this trip.

Tip: there's a Yotel hotel in the airport, which has an hourly 'cabin' with bathrooms in addition to beds

Hong Kong International Airport, China

We have seen so many airports that are suitable for rest. Let's take a look at the airports that make people reluctant to sleep.

The international airport of Hong Kong has been rated as the best airport by Skytrax for many times. It has excellent lounges. The most exciting airport is also equipped with the largest 4D cinema in Asia. Under the huge screen, many people who are reluctant to sleep can enjoy this shocking audio-visual feast.

In addition to cinemas, the airport also has golf simulation games, which will provide professional equipment and venues.

The cheapest and best airport in China - Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport

Hangzhou's Xiaoshan Airport will also provide comfortable sleeping space for passengers. Capsule hotel is also equipped at the airport, but there are two kinds of rest: one is a more secretive space like sleeping eggs, and the other is a semi open business space.

In addition, there is a shower in each rest area. If there is a journey in the back, you can apply for wake-up service.

Tips: these rest areas are located in T1 domestic terminal of Xiaoshan Airport, and the price is 60 yuan / 4 hours. After that, the price is 10 yuan more for the next hour.

How to sleep comfortably at the airport

In addition to the convenient rest facilities provided by the airport, what else do we need to prepare if we want to spend a comfortable night at the airport?

1. Site selection

First of all, consider the geographical location. If you want to transfer, choose a place close to the transfer area. If you plan to go home or start, it's better to choose a rest area close to the arrival hall and departure hall;

Secondly, consider whether there is WiFi in that area, whether it is close to the toilet, and whether there is a socket nearby. If you plan to have a quiet rest, you'd better choose a place with little traffic, so that you don't have to worry about being disturbed.

2. Item preparation

All purpose bedding will come into use at this time, such as neck pillow, eye mask, etc. besides being used on the plane, it is also necessary for the airport to have a rest. If you are afraid of missing the time, the alarm clock is also needed. Because of the sufficient air conditioning in the airport, it is necessary to bring more clothes.

3. Safety measures

After all, the airport is a public area. You'd better take care of your valuables at all times. You'd better have a rest in the area that can be seen by the camera. Of course, the public security of the airport is generally better. You can have a rest in the place that can be seen by the camera.

Well, if you go out to take a plane and need to spend the night at the airport, you will be lucky to meet those airports recommended by Xiaobian. If you don't, you should learn from Xiaobian's way of sorting out for you. I wish you sleep at ease!