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How to get rid of foot odor quickly

How to get rid of foot odor quickly many people have trouble with foot odor in their life. Some of the foot odor is caused by the sweat glands on their feet, and also by the bacteria on their feet, which can decompose the sweat from foot injuries and produce odor. Foot odor not only affects their mood, but also attacks their self-confidence. How to remove foot odor quickly? Let's take a look at it together!

1. Boiled radish

For those with foot odor disease, half white radish can be used, cut into thin slices, put them in the pot, then add some water, boil them for 3 minutes with brisk cooking and then simmer them for 5 minutes with gentle fire, then pour them into the basin, wash feet repeatedly after the temperature is moderate, and remove foot odor after several times of continuous washing.

2. Oxytetracycline

Many people feel distressed because of bad foot odor. It has been proved by many times of practice that the use of oxytetracycline in the toe joint can guarantee that there will be no bad smell for half a month or so.

3. Wax gourd skin

Wax gourd skin has the effect of relieving heat, strengthening spleen and promoting dampness. It can be used to treat the symptoms of kidney disease, lung disease and heart disease, such as edema, abdominal distention and adverse urination. Washing feet with Decoction of wax gourd skin can not only cure beriberi, but also stink of feet, killing two birds with one stone.

4, alcohol

Before going to bed every night, dip a cotton ball or cloth head in a small amount of alcohol, evenly smear it on the newly removed rubber and sneakers, and wear it after drying in the next morning. After two weeks, the shoes will not stink.

5. Wash feet with rice vinegar

When washing feet, add 10 to 15 ml rice vinegar into the water, mix well, soak feet for about 15 minutes, once a day, soak for three to four consecutive days, and the foot odor will disappear.

6. Ginger water

Put a proper amount of salt and ginger in hot water, heat for several minutes, wash feet when not hot, and rub for several minutes, not only remove foot odor, but also feel relaxed, which can eliminate fatigue.

7. Wash your feet frequently, brush your shoes, and cover your feet and shoes. No chance for bacteria to grow.

8. Foot odor is mostly caused by the high humidity of shoes caused by sweating and the growth of bacteria. So in order to stop foot odor, try not to do some vigorous exercise, especially in summer, foot odor is more likely to appear.

9. Try to wear some breathable shoes. If the air permeability of the shoes is not very good, the air in the shoes will not come out and the fresh air outside will not come in. Then the feet will definitely stink.

10. When washing your feet that night, try to put some tea in your shoes. Tea can obviously improve foot odor.