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Why is it easy for gay men to get AIDS

Why is it easy for gay men to get AIDS

Sihaiwang: AIDS is a problem that human beings can't overcome in nearly half a century. At present, there is no cure method. We can only control it through expensive drugs. The incubation period of AIDS is very long. It slowly erodes human immune cells until it dies. It's reported that AIDS is the largest proportion of male homosexuals. Why? Let's have a look!

Why gay people get AIDS easily

One of the main sexual behaviors of gay men is anal sex. Compared with heterosexual behavior, rectal elasticity is not as good as that of vagina, and the surface of rectal mucosa is columnar epithelial cells or squamous epithelial cells. Compared with the keratinized stratified squamous epithelial cells of vagina, rectal mucosa is thinner and more easily damaged. When the rectum is damaged, a large amount of HIV contained in the semen can easily enter the human body. When the semen containing HIV reaches the rectum, HIV will quickly infiltrate into the blood through the damaged mucosa, enter the blood circulation of the human body, find the lymphocytes, and reproduce.

In addition, according to experts in stomatology, there are also cases of AIDS due to oral sex. Whether oral sex will be infected with AIDS depends on three aspects: first, whether the object of oral sex has HIV or not; second, whether oral sex has traumatic ulcers and ulcers; third, whether semen has been injected into the mouth. If the oral sex is HIV carriers, oral sex ulcers, ejaculation in the process of oral sex, and no protective condoms, the risk of infection is high.