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Alipay how to check 46 grades Alipay 46 grades query method

How does Alipay check grade 46?

Alipay 46 level query results method flow:

Alipay can also check grades 46, and it is not afraid of textual research. How can Alipay check grades 46 in English? Alipay inquires about English 46 grades:

What else can't be done by Alipay?

This morning, Alipay forenoon showed the 46 level checking function. It is reported that candidates who take part in the National College English Test Band 46 do not need to take a written examination. They only need to input their name to query the results of grade 46. Candidates only need to open Alipay, find the function of campus life in the 'all' button, and select the 46 level check, so that they can start to consult.

The way of inquiry is also very simple. Examinees only need to input their own names, and then they can find their scores of CET-4 and CET-6 according to the prompts.

After completing the query, a key sharing button will appear on Alipay's page to facilitate the candidates to share.

It is reported that Alipay campus life is one of the largest integrated campus community platforms, including campus card recharge, campus part-time, student benefits, community activities and other functions.

The "campus life" platform has completed the double certification of Alipay's real name and student identity. The number of students has exceeded 10 million. The new season will also usher in the new version. In the future, it will accelerate the entry of more colleges and third party service providers, and build a one-stop service platform with the richest campus life scenes under the offline scene.

Today, the results of CET-4 and CET-6 come out. Have you passed?

The all-purpose Alipay has launched the 46 level of checking results for us, and it can be fix in a few steps.

Open Alipay - click on 'all'.

Find the column "education public welfare" and click "campus life"

Open it and you'll see 'score query'

Enter 'name' and 'admission number' to query

The above is Alipay's query method for the 46 level examination results.