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How to clean leather sofa many people have leather sofas in their homes. After a long time, they will stand on all kinds of stains. It's very troublesome to clean them. How to clean and maintain the leather sofas? How to remove the peculiar smell of the leather sofas they just bought?

How to clean leather sofa?

1. Simple cleaning

In the folk, there is a very widely used method to clean the white leather sofa with egg white and milk. The specific method is to put the egg white into a proper amount of milk, and carefully smear it on the place where you want to clean, wait for a few minutes, wipe off the egg white and milk with a dry towel, and wipe off the egg white and milk at the same time, the stains are immediately wiped clean. This method comes from Folk, for your reference only.

2. Deep cleaning

If the white leather sofa has been bought for a year or two, it should be cleaned up for the white sofa at this time. Then how can the white leather sofa be cleaned to protect the leather from damage and ensure that the sofa is more beautiful and clean? First of all, we need a product, that is, polish wax, which can not only protect the leather sofa, but also prevent the leather sand Hair cracking, but also enhance the brightness and glossiness of the leather sofa, so, after a year of use, the white leather sofa's leather will become dim, at this time, as long as the polish is on it.

3. Professional cleaning

If you think your white leather sofa has started to appear dim and fine lines after many years of use, and has no good effect under several times of care, then you should forget the professional furniture cleaning shop to clean the sofa. How does the professional cleaning shop clean the white leather sofa? The general professional furniture product cleaning shop has a professional Our cleaning equipment and professional cleaning staff can not only make the stains on the sofa disappear, but also provide an effective care for the white leather sofa. The white leather sofa after professional cleaning and care is soft, smooth and completely new.

How to remove the peculiar smell of leather sofa?

1. The first thing is to keep the room ventilated, so as to make the room air circulate and send out the smell of leather sofa. This method is simple and practical, which is also the best way.

2. Put a few pieces of grapefruit peel under the sofa, or on the cabinet for about ten days, the taste of the leather bed will gradually disappear, leaving a light fragrance.

3. Put a few peeled pineapples or apples on the head of the bed for a period of time to absorb the taste of leather sofa, leaving a light fruit fragrance.

4. You can also put a few pieces of bamboo charcoal on the leather sofa. Bamboo charcoal has strong adsorption and deodorization function.

5. Buy some sachets or put the tea in the small bag and hang it beside the sofa. The tea will absorb the odor.

6. Wipe the leather sofa with tea water or lemonade on the towel. It's very good to wipe it several times a day. But a little bit of trouble.

7. Light more candles around the sofa to produce carbon dioxide integrated indoor gas and accelerate oxidation.

8. And fumigating the whole room with white vinegar.

9. The method of plant absorption and decomposition: aloe, Chlorophytum, Huwei orchid, Yiye orchid and tortoiseshell bamboo, which can absorb toxic chemicals, are natural scavengers and can remove harmful substances in the air.

10. It can be handled by a professional company. For example: photocatalysis technology, biodegradation technology, material sealing technology, physical adsorption technology, etc.

III. maintenance of leather sofa

1. First wipe the sofa with toothpaste or lemonade. Wipe dry after reoccupy sofa cream is wiped evenly in sofa surface OK.

2. The usual care is also very simple, that is, use a feather duster to sweep and then use a wet towel to wipe.

3. At ordinary times, it is necessary to ensure the ventilation of the room. Too dry or wet will accelerate the aging of leather;

4. Next, the leather sofa should not be placed in the place where the sun is direct, nor in the place where the air conditioner blows directly, which will make the leather surface hard and fade.

5. In summer, there is a lot of perspiration, and the pores of leather will absorb perspiration. High temperature and humidity will make the organic matter in perspiration react with leather, which is easy to produce peculiar smell. It is necessary to frequently wipe it with a wringing cloth.

6. When cleaning the sofa, alkaline detergent should not be used, because the leather is treated with acid when making leather, and alkaline will reduce the softness of leather, and wrinkle will occur if it is used for a long time. Clean the sofa with pure cotton cloth or silk after moistening. After cleaning, spray it with BILIZHU or polish wax again to keep it clean.

7. If the ball point pen is not carefully painted on the leather sofa, it can be removed by gently wiping with rubber as soon as possible.