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10 tips for treating beriberi in summer

In summer, for many men who like to wear sports shoes, but in the high-risk season of beriberi, if you take off your shoes, you can't even hold the sour taste. If you don't want to be embarrassed, you still need to cure your beriberi. Today, Xiaobian recommends ten most effective ways to cure your beriberi.

What to do with beriberi? Try the following ten most effective ways to treat beriberi. Remove beriberi and make your feet comfortable and relaxed:

1. Remove foot odor from white radish: cut half of the radish into pieces, put it into the pot and add some water, boil it for 3 minutes in high heat, turn it into a low heat and cook it for 5 minutes, then wash your feet everywhere when the temperature is cool, and repeatedly wash it for several times to help remove foot odor.

2. Treatment of beriberi with willow leaves: prepare a handful of willow leaves, then boil them with water, and wash feet with juice.

3. Removing foot odor with salt and ginger water: prepare several pieces of ginger, put them together with appropriate salt, boil them with water, cool them to a proper temperature after cooking, wash feet, rub feet for a few minutes, which can remove foot odor and help relieve foot fatigue.

4. Treatment of beriberi with potassium permanganate: prepare appropriate amount of potassium permanganate water, and then use it to soak feet once a month, which can prevent the recurrence of beriberi. First, prepare half a basin of warm water, then add two grains of potassium permanganate, the water will turn pink, and then soak the feet for 3 to 5 minutes.

5. Treatment of beriberi with fig leaf: prepare several fig leaves, boil them with water for about 10 minutes, place the water at a proper temperature, and then soak them twice a day for 10 minutes, usually for three to five days.

6. Treating beriberi with white vinegar: for patients with beriberi, you can prepare some white vinegar, dip cotton ball on the affected area, which is helpful for sterilization and antipruritic, and there will be slight peeling symptoms.

7. Treatment of beriberi with beer: put the beer in the basin, do not add water, wash the feet and then soak them in the beer, about 20 minutes later, rinse them, and soak them once or twice a week.

8. Soya bean water to treat beriberi: prepare 150g soya bean, add 1kg water, cook it for 20 minutes with a small fire, cool it to a proper temperature after cooking, and then take water to soak feet. This method can help to treat beriberi, moisten the foot skin, and usually wash it for three or four days in a row.

9. Chinese chives for beriberi treatment: prepare 250g Chinese chives, wash them, cut them into pieces and put them in a basin, then add boiling water, and soak them for about half an hour at a suitable temperature. When you soak your feet, you can rub them at the same time. You can soak them once a week.

10. Oxytetracycline for foot odor removal: grind oxytetracycline into powder first, and then directly apply the powder to the toe joint, one or two pieces at a time.