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How to clean cashmere sweater without deformation? Why does cashmere sweater shrink?

It's a pity that a cashmere sweater with high value deforms due to improper cleaning. But if it's too expensive to be sent to the dry cleaner, how to clean it? Do you know the cleaning skills of cashmere sweater?

This experience was passed on to me by a friend from Inner Mongolia. As you all know, it's cold in Inner Mongolia and the animal husbandry is developed. They wear cashmere products in winter, which is much more difficult to wash than wool clothes. My friend spent a long time in repeated experiments and washed more than n sweaters, and then summed up the following valuable experience. Now share it with you!

First of all, we need to know some precautions before washing: 1. Cold water must be used for the whole washing process, because if the water is hot, it will shrink the sweater. 2. Do not use washing powder. Be sure to use shampoo. 3. Don't soak sweaters!!! Many people are used to soaking sweaters in cold water, and then wash them in 2 or 3 hours. It's wrong. Sweaters that have been soaked for a long time must deform! 4. Don't rub sweaters!!! We are very used to rubbing them with our hands when washing clothes by hand. That's right. But the body of the sweater is delicate and the meat is expensive. If you rub it with your hands, it will break the fibers in the sweater, making the sweater inelastic and as hard as the felt. OK, we can start to wash after we understand these!

First, let's pour some shampoo into the cold water first, then mix it well, and then put the sweater into the water to be soaked, and then pay attention to the action. We can use the action of squeezing water to squeeze out the dirty things on the sweater. The dirty things on the sweater are the easiest to wash out, which is different from the cloth, so we can just squeeze gently to remove the dirty things. Do this over and over again, and then for about ten minutes. Don't soak too long

Second, then squeeze the water out of the sweater (squeeze is not twisted, can not be screwed), then install it into the washing machine with the anhydrous washbasin, then transfer to the drying step, and use the washing machine to dry the sweater's foam water directly.

Third, prepare a new basin of cold water, and then put the dried sweater into the water. This time, the steps are rinse. Like first, or rinse the sweater by squeezing water. It lasts for about 6 or 7 minutes.

Fourth, then squeeze the water out of the sweater, and put it in the washbasin again and put it in the washing machine to dry.

Fifth, this step is very important. It's shaping sweater. Take a small square table and put it on the balcony, or the desk at home is big enough to shine the sun. Before washing, roughly compare the sweaters on the table to see the size of the original sweaters, so as to make a reference for the next shaped sweaters. Put the dried sweater on the table. Press it with the palm of your hand according to the size of the original sweater. The collar and sleeve are all well adjusted. Press the hand back on the clothes. In particular, the sleeves may become narrower. We need to expand the sleeves according to the original size, press them by hand, press them with force, and press them like an iron. As long as you do this step well, the clothes will never deform.

OK, the sweater is your whole model. You can wear it when it's dry! Don't worry about buying beautiful sweaters anymore. I have tried to wash rabbit hair, wool, no deformation, cashmere has not tried, but to wash cashmere mm to remember, cashmere falling time is shorter than wool!