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How to clean the non stick pot!

How to clean the non stick pot! non stick pot because cooking doesn't stick to food, and it's very convenient to wash. It's very popular, but sometimes it's burnt accidentally. What should I do? Let's have a look at it with Xiaobian!

Add some detergent to the place where the heated water is not burnt, stir with chopsticks, wait for the burnt food to bubble off, and then wash with water soft cloth. Then add some water to the pot, put some apple skin (or onion skin) and boil it, and the burnt place in the pot will become the original color. Never use steel wire ball to brush the pot. If the non stick coating is damaged, the pot will become an ordinary pot.

If it doesn't work for a long time, you can try to clean it with "coffee machine detergent" (Taobao has it).