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What are the precautions after double eyelid surgery? Can I read after I cut my eyelids

1. After the operation, the operation site will be covered with a small gauze to slightly compress, absorb the bleeding and protect the knife edge, and cold compress with ice, because cooling will shrink the blood vessels of the eyelid, prevent capillary bleeding, prevent postoperative swelling or swelling, and low temperature will weaken the feeling and reduce postoperative pain. It is necessary to wrap the ice with a plastic bag or plastic bubble film and gently put it on the eyes At the same time, it is necessary to prevent the ice from leaking out and entering the operation site after melting, leading to bacterial infection. After operation, cold compress only takes about 1-2 days, and then hot compress. Hot compress can help blood circulation and reduce swelling.

2. Pay attention to the posture after operation. Do not bend over to tie the shoelaces, read books or lie on your stomach, defecate or lift heavy objects. It is easy to cause bleeding, exudation and swelling. Pay attention to relaxed and high head position, and sit in a comfortable chair for rest. When sleeping, also keep your head high, which is helpful to reduce swelling as soon as possible

3. Do not touch the surgical site with unclean hands, so as not to cause bacterial infection. The surgical traces cured after inflammation are especially obvious, and the inflammation may also affect the shape of the double eyelid, so pay attention to prevent inflammation

4. Most eye plastic surgery belongs to clean surgery, which does not need antibiotics to prevent abuse. It is not recommended to infuse. It is wrong to think that oral or infusion of antibiotics will speed up the recovery! If there are signs of inflammation such as redness, swelling, heat and pain, it is necessary to have a face-to-face consultation and medication under the guidance of doctors. After surgery, detumescence drugs can be taken. One week after thread removal, anti scar drugs can be used externally to reduce scar formation

5. Just after the operation, about 50% of the people look different from each other, and more than 90% of them are caused by the difference of swelling on both sides. So in the months before the shape of double eyelids is completely determined, don't always look in the mirror and worry, but try to keep a relaxed mood and wait for beautiful flowers to bloom. A few people have slight differences after swelling. However, everyone's left and right are different Eyes can't be exactly the same originally, so a little natural difference doesn't hinder the beauty and doesn't need to be too tangled. If you still care, you need to fully communicate with us and then decide whether you need to adjust

6. Use eyes after operation, try to reduce reading and mobile phone reading, so that the eyes can rest. For eyelid activities, it is suggested to reduce activities in the first three days, which is conducive to tissue healing. In the later stage, eyes can be opened and closed properly and consciously, muscle activities can promote fold formation of double eyelid line, promote lymph and blood circulation, and facilitate early rehabilitation

7. Those who wear contact lenses shall not wear them within 2-3 weeks after operation according to the doctor's instructions

8. The suture can be removed about 5-7 days after the operation of double eyelid incision. After the operation, it does not affect the general daily activities and simple work. Avoid driving. Before the operation, the incision should be cleaned and disinfected carefully. After the suture is removed, it can be stained with water 24 hours later, such as bathing and washing the face. The double eyelid is completely detumescence, which naturally takes about 1-6 months. The recovery speed of each person is not exactly the same

9. Pay attention to avoid tobacco, alcohol and irritant food, seafood and sensitive food and articles