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How to remove the dirt on the bottom of the pot friends who often cook at home, the most annoying thing is to clean the kitchen utensils, especially the pot used for cooking. It takes a long time, and the bottom of the pot will hide deep dirt. What's the trick to clean the bottom of the pot? Let's have a look at it!

Remove dirt from the bottom of stainless steel pot:

Add half of the water in the larger pot, put some pineapple peel into it, put the small stainless steel pot in one by one, heat it on the stove and boil it for a period of time, and then take it out after cooling, you will find that these stainless steel pots are as bright as new. However, it should be noted that if stainless steel tableware with wooden handle or rubber handle is used, it should not be steamed or scalded in boiling water, so as to avoid the expansion and damage of wooden handle or rubber handle due to heat.

Remove dirt from the bottom of the iron pot:

When the iron pot is used for a long time, it is easy to produce mould smell. At this time, you can take the remaining tea bag to remove mould. First, heat and dry the iron pot on the stove, then evenly coat some salad oil inside and outside the iron pot, and then put several dry tea bags in the pot, so as to prevent and remove the mildew. In addition, you can also add some fresh leeks after adding water in the iron pot, and gradually warm them. At the same time, press the leeks in the iron pot with a spatula to wipe the bottom of the pot, and soon remove the rust.

Remove the dirt from the bottom of the aluminum pot:

The surface of the aluminum pot is easy to form black dirt. At this time, we can use the purchased fruits and vegetables to remove it. For example, for the most common tomatoes, first put a few tomatoes in an aluminum pot to boil for a while, and then use the boiled tomato soup to clean the black dirt on the aluminum pot. As long as it is repeated several times, the aluminum pot will naturally restore its original luster. In addition to tomatoes, lemon, cucumber and other fruits can also play this role.