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How to turn a stainless steel pot into a non stick pot friends who often cook at home must have such troubles. Once they burn the rice carelessly, the original bright stainless steel pot turns into a big black face. In fact, the stainless steel pot can turn into a non stick pot. Let's take a look at this operation.

In fact, stainless steel pots and pans are very easy to clean, especially when the pot just finished is still hot. The front and back sides of the pot are very easy to clean, even as bright and clean as new.

According to the correct use of the pot will not stick, many small partners feel that the stainless steel pot stick, in fact, the use of the wrong way.

Here, the maintenance method of stainless steel pot is dedicated, and the solution of how to deal with the blackened pot bottom.

Turning stainless steel pot into non stick pot

First, clean the stainless steel pot.

Fire to heat the pot.

Pour in a little white vinegar at the same time. I use the cheapest white vinegar. Keep heating until it's almost boiling hot. Then turn off the fire.

Then prepare a steel brush and use the hot vinegar to brush the inside of the pot. If there is no steel brush, it is also possible to use only the papaya cloth. You should be careful not to scald your hands. You can use a long iron clip to press and wash them.

This step needs to be brushed carefully. Every place, especially the contact surface of the fried food, should be brushed hard.

In this way, the dirt and impurities in the stainless steel capillary hole can be removed.

After brushing, pour out the white vinegar, and then rinse it with clean water.

Dry the pot, heat it with fire, and pour in the cooking oil that is usually used for cooking. Then shake the pot to make sure that the oil is on the inside of the pot. Turn on the medium and small fire to keep the temperature, and let the oil stay in the pot for at least two or three minutes.

This process is to make the pores on the surface of the stainless steel pot absorb the oil and achieve the effect of not touching the pot.

If you need to cook, you can start cooking. If you don't need to cook, wait until it's cool and pour out the oil.

Wash the pot with water and dishwashing detergent. When you dry the pot, you will find that it feels very bright.

However, usually the effect of the non stick pot can last for a while, and the pot can be kept regularly if necessary.