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How to train the most handsome coach of Chengdu Sports Academy?

Chengdu's most handsome female coach is all over the Internet in a flash. This post-95 girl is totally different from the cute girl paper we used to remember! Recently, many netizens' circle of friends was swiped by a muscular fitness coach. With crisp short hair, six ABS and full Unicorn arms, many people exclaim, 'this coach is too handsome, isn't he?'.

However, what people didn't expect was that the handsome coach was a Xiang sister born in 1995, named sun Jingqi, a senior majoring in physical education and sports training at 2014 level of Chengdu Institute of physical education.

It is reported that sun has been practicing bodybuilding for more than 10 years. Not only in the provincial bodybuilding and Fitness Championships, national Bodybuilding Championships and other sports awards, as early as 2013 is the national first-class athletes of 200 meters of track and field. During my study, I have been the equipment coach and track and field coach of the fitness Institute for a long time. At present, I am working as a coach in the fitness team of University of Electronic Science and technology, in charge of the preparation guidance.

When the reporter contacted sun Jingqi, she was in the gym with her friends for daily equipment training. She is a handsome girl, not tall, about 1.60 meters, a large black T-shirt is tightly stretched on her body. Like the news spread on the Internet, not only the appearance is handsome, but also the muscle mass and line are not lost to other boys in the gym. Although sun Jingqi is young, it's hard to find several opponents if you compare her muscles.

Ten years of fitness: one minute on the stage, ten years off the stage

Proper muscle training is very beneficial for track and field athletes. Seven years of track and field career laid a solid physical foundation for sun Jingqi. During this period, twice a week of muscle training, never interrupted. After going to university, it becomes a Saturday, 90 minutes each time.

Large weight training increases muscle strength, increases the strength of lying push, and constantly strengthens squatting and hard pulling. At the same time, strictly control diet to maintain weight, mainly high protein food, high salt and high oil food is basically untouched, and cooking is basically adopted. During this period, sun Jingqi may need to put 80 or 90 Jin of equipment on her neck to lift up and down. "It's equivalent to the weight of a lighter girl. The way of bodybuilding is smooth, but the weight training is more difficult, so it's difficult for girls to practice. 'she confessed to reporters that some people do question' how can a girl's muscles grow so hard? But she thought: even if you do it well, someone will point out; even if you mess up, you can hear the praise. She is infatuated with body-building, immersed in daily equipment exercise, which is not good, she also became a body-building coach. Occasionally, a friend asked her how to find a suitable skirt for her current physique, but the "tomboy" didn't think that he was not uncomfortable now, as long as he lived comfortably. '