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What is mdzz? What is mdzz? Where does it come from

What is mdzz? What is mdzz? Where does it come from

Four seas network: in recent two years, the development of network vocabulary is very rapid, and various new vocabulary changes with each passing day. You may be out if you don't use the Internet for a few days. Today's introduction of the vocabulary is mdzz, which is not a serious word. It is often used by netizens to curse people. What does mdzz mean and what is the hindrance of mdzz? Let's take a look at it together!

What does' mdzz 'mean

Network language is the abbreviation of the four characters of the common network catchword "mother's mental retardation".

Where is the origin of 'mdzz'

The earliest form of the word "mother's mental retardation" comes from a cartoon dialogue circulated on the Internet! The content of the cartoon is about a boy teaching a little girl how to bark a dog, and the two play happily. The author depicts the inner OS of a little dog on the edge: mother's mental retardation! Which expresses a kind of ridicule for some boring behaviors. Coupled with the small expression of a puppy's facial expression, it is particularly arrogant. It is simply an upgraded version of Tucao's taunt skills. So it has been highly praised by everyone. It can be called a universal sentence with all kinds of scenarios. With the popularity of this word, the shades and attributes of the category of dirty words make people often use English abbreviation MDZZ instead of it, so this is more concise and concise. The abbreviation form of is also highly used.

'mdzz' development experience

The reason why the word has an unshakable status in the Jianghu today is that the Spring Festival Gala is also a great achievement! In the 2016 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Feng Gong's essay happy dad, the sharp eyed Netizens found that Feng Gong held a 'mother's mental retardation' the same dog pillow, making the word appear again in the vision of the big family! In addition, the word also has the related saying of 'like mental retardation' made by mad staff '!

'mdzz' expression pack

The reason for the popularity of the word is a facial expression bag. After becoming popular, it has also been made into more and more facial expression bags by netizens. It has become a 'mdzz' facial expression bag series with high popularity and usage, which is deeply loved by everyone.