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Zhang Liang's coat is on fire! Why does a wool coat pillage?

Recently, a picture of Zhang Liang is totally hot! Zhang Liang's clothes are obvious to all. After all, they are fashionable men's models. But this time, we found that his coat has been worn for a long time due to its heavy pilling. Why does Zhang Liang wear such a coat?

The reply from netizens is also very funny~~~

Customer: does this dress pillage? Me: pilling. Look at Zhang Liang. He drives more than 8 million cars and wears a pilling coat. People pay tens of thousands of yuan for a dress. You buy a dress with hundreds of yuan and ask me if I can Pille. If you don't, you buy a fake one

Pilling is formed by the scale layers on the surface of wool fiber linked to each other, resulting in fiber moving and adhesion. It only contains less than 50% wool. It has a high probability of pilling, and the ball is relatively small and solid. It does not contain wool, that is, it is the current circle, which is serious pilling. Cheap woollen cloth, the kind of chemical cloth that gathers something doesn't pilling, and 100% pure wool doesn't pilling of course.

Suggestion: it is suggested to reduce friction as much as possible for all wool containing clothes, and dry clean 100% wool and cashmere clothes.