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How long does a thousand year old ginkgo tree live?

How long does a thousand year old ginkgo tree live? every year when ginkgo leaves fall, the 1400 year old leaves of ginkgo tree in Shanxi will attract attention, because it's so spectacular and beautiful. Many netizens are curious about how long the life span of ginkgo trees can be? Let's have a look!

A 1400 year old ginkgo tree in the ancient Guanyin Temple of Xi'an has become "wanghong" due to a group of photos. A large number of people went to visit the 'net red' tree in the most popular day, reaching 70000. This year, in order to ensure the order of the visit, you need to make an appointment with your mobile phone in advance if you want to see the 'net red' ginkgo tree. It is understood that the temple has opened its online booking function on wechat platform since the 18th.

It is reported that the ancient Guanyin temple was built in the reign of Zhenguan of Tang Dynasty (AD 628), with a history of 1400 years. It is one of the thousand year old temples in Zhongnan mountain.

According to reports, the ancient Guanyin temple is 30 kilometers away from the city of Xi'an. It was built in Zhenguan period of Tang Dynasty, with a history of more than 1400 years. A staff member of the ancient Guanyin Temple told Beiqing daily on the 19th that there was a ginkgo tree the same age as the ancient temple in the temple. It is said that Li Shimin, the Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty, planted it himself. "Before, some people came to visit the temple, but compared with other famous temples in Xi'an, our fame was not so great, so there were not many people, but by the autumn of 2016, this situation had changed 。 '

In the autumn of 2016, a group of photos about the ancient ginkgo tree in the temple rose to the Internet. In the photos, the leaves of the ginkgo tree spread all over the ground after an autumn rain, which was quite spectacular and looked golden. Later, the tourists who saw the photos began to pour into the temple, hoping to see the beautiful scenery of the ancient ginkgo tree.

'we didn't expect so many people at that time, so we had to organize tourists to queue up for a visit. When there were many people on weekends, the queue would be several hundred meters long, and tourists would have to wait three or four hours to see the ginkgo tree. "The staff of the ancient Guanyin temple said," I feel that this tree has completely turned into "online Red". On November 13 last year, the number of tourists was the most, and the number of people in a day exceeded 70000. However, we are just a small temple, so many people can't bear it. '

This year, since the middle of October, the leaves of the 'net red' tree in the ancient Guanyin temple have turned yellow again, and it is about to usher in the peak of tourists' visit. This year, in order to ensure the order of visit, tourists can only see the 'net red' tree through wechat appointment.

According to the staff of the company that developed the appointment procedure, after communicating with the temple and analyzing the data, they finally limited the number of visitors to 7200 every day. This year's visit period is from October 28 to December 10. The time is from 8:00 to 5:00 p.m. every day, and 400 places are opened every hour.

'for some special circumstances, we will make special arrangements, such as the elderly who can't use mobile phones, etc., but for most tourists, we still need to make an appointment in advance with mobile phones. If we don't make an appointment, we may not be able to visit. "Said the temple staff. Reporters from Beiqing daily saw on the 19th that more than a thousand people had made an appointment on the first day of the "online mangrove" program.

How long does ginkgo tree live?

Ginkgo trees are tall and straight with fan-shaped leaves. The crown is large and shady, with cooling effect. The leaves are ancient and elegant, with a long life span. It is a well-known pollution-free tree species, which is conducive to the propagation of Ginkgo biloba and adding scenery. Ginkgo biloba has a wide range of climate and soil requirements. Anti smoke, fire and toxic gas. Ginkgo tree is tall, straight trunk, beautiful posture, green in spring and summer, golden in late autumn, it is an ideal landscape tree species. It can be used as an ideal tree species for landscaping, sidewalk, highway, field forest network and windbreak forest belt.

So far, there is no absolute data to prove how long the life span of ginkgo tree is. It has been verified that there is an ancient ginkgo tree with a history of more than 3000 years. At present, the existing old trees stored in China are very rare.

Ginkgo biloba seedlings have a long life span and are suitable for growth under hydrothermal conditions. The best soil is yellow soil with pH value between 5-6. There is an ancient tree over 3000 years old. It grows slowly in the initial stage and has a long life. Generally, it takes about 20 years to start to bear fruit. 500 years old trees are still strong.

It is also one of the four longevity ornamental trees in China. It is also known as "living fossil of Chinese plants".