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How to cool down your mobile phone

Sihai network: when mobile phones enter the era of smart phones, heating has always been a short board restricting mobile phones. Mobile phone chip manufacturers are also trying to improve processor performance and reduce power consumption. One of the most important reasons for mobile phone heating is power consumption. The mobile phone processor processes large-scale programs in the background, so how can hand heating cool mobile phones? Let's take a look at it!

The cause of mobile phone fever

Before discussing how to cool down the mobile phone, we should first understand under which conditions the temperature rise of the mobile phone will be obvious.

1. charging

When the phone is charged, the temperature of the phone will rise rapidly. In the process of charging, electric energy needs to be converted into chemical energy, and the energy lost on the way will be released in the way of internal energy, thus accelerating the temperature rise of mobile phones.

If the temperature of mobile phone charging rises too fast, the battery may explode. Generally, the lithium battery of smart phone will have a regulating function. When the temperature rises to a certain extent, slow down the charging speed, so as to reduce the temperature of mobile phone. It is normal for the temperature of mobile phone to rise to 30 & deg; when charging.

2. Exposure to the sun

It's very hard to see the phenomenon of baking, but it's much more common to be exposed to the sun. Although the temperature rises in summer, it will not affect the love of mobile phones. Even in the high temperature of 34 & deg;, we can still play with mobile phones while walking. Ah, it's like making up yourself.

Long time exposure in the sun will speed up the temperature rise of mobile phone, which is no wonder that sister rabbit will be burned by mobile phone. Most people don't pay attention to this. Here's the rabbit sister's talkative reminder. Excessive exposure to the sun will cause the risk of cell phone explosion. Don't sit on the sunny side of the bus or taxis. You know why.

3. High energy consumption app

High energy consuming apps will also cause cell phones to heat up. Here, high energy consuming apps mainly refer to some large-scale mobile games and video playing apps. These high energy consuming apps will occupy a large number of CPUs when they are running, which makes the CPU overloaded, so that the CPU heating is obvious.

4. Operation of multithreaded app

The application of multithreaded app will also accelerate the temperature rise of mobile phone, similar to the principle of running large app. The processing performance of CPU is limited, multi line app will occupy a lot of CPU space, and it will heat up after CPU exceeds its bearing value.

5. Play with mobile phones while charging

It is known that playing with a mobile phone while charging will damage the mobile phone, because in this process, the battery performs two tasks: charging and discharging. In this process, the current activity is very large. People in a lot of activities will produce a lot of heat, electricity is the same. Batteries and chargers operate at high loads and generate a lot of heat. You can feel the temperature by touching your phone and charger head when charging.

6. Long time operation of mobile phone

People need to rest, of course, cell phones also need to, ask yourself, how long your cell phone has not been resting. It's normal for your CPU to heat up when you run your phone for a long time.

7. Film the mobile phone or install the protective back cover

Some people will wear a cover or something to protect their mobile phones. Because of these condoms, the heat dissipation of mobile phones is not so good. If you wear a mask to breathe, you have problems. If you wear a mask to your mobile phone, you still expect the heat dissipation.

How to cool your cell phone

1. Take a vacation for mobile phones from time to time: when people sit at work for a long time, they need to go out from time to time. This cell phone is almost the same thing. Don't play with it all the time. Occasionally, you have to let it rest. Cell phone cooling also needs a process. Regular rest of the cell phone can make the cell phone warm up less quickly.

2. Don't play with mobile phone when charging: don't play with mobile phone when charging, it can not only slow down the speed of mobile phone heating, but also effectively protect the cell phone battery. Of course, if you want to play with your cell phone when charging uncontrollably, also remember not to play large-scale energy consuming games.

3. Use of mobile phone radiator: it's not used by ordinary people. It's used by patients with severe mobile cancer. Large hand games consume a lot of energy, and the use of mobile phone radiators can cool the mobile phone. Although the effect is not as special Nb, but the heat dissipation has a good effect.

4. Remember to turn off your WiFi hotspot when the mobile phone is not in use: all friends who have turned on the WiFi hotspot with the mobile phone should know that there will be a lot of hotspot when the mobile phone is in use. Turning off your WiFi hotspot will make your mobile phone a lot easier.

5. Turn off the background app: just as too many apps will heat the mobile phone, ending the background app will also reduce the CPU load and reduce the probability of the mobile phone heating up.

6. Graphite sticker to cool the cell phone battery: although it can cool the cell phone, the effect is not so good. Moreover, this method is only suitable for cell phones with separate batteries and hosts, and has no egg use for all-in-one phones.

Xiaomi added graphite cooling technology to his mobile phone. I won't say the effect. People who have used millet cell phones know it.

7. Optimization software: use some app optimization software to optimize the mobile phone system software, which can also effectively cool the mobile phone. The most common cooling app is Master Lu.

Conclusion: although some apps can cool the mobile phone to some extent, they will also have an impact on the performance of the mobile phone. In general, Xiaobian thinks that the best way to cool down is not to play with mobile phones for a while! There is another way to solve the problem from the source, that is, manufacturers use more cooling materials on the hardware, and cut off the signs of mobile phone warming from the source.