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How to light the red envelope of the torch on November 11, 2017? Strategy of lighting the red envelo

In less than a month, double 11 will begin. Tmall has begun to build momentum for this activity. Are there many invitations from your circle of friends to light the double 11 torch red envelope? How to play? Let's take a look with small editors of!

2017 tmall's double 11 torch red envelope strategy:

In many posts in the post bar and Weibo, users can help each other to light red envelopes

250 million cash is divided into "ordinary red bag", "rare red bag" and "legendary red bag" which appear in the game. When friends light up each other, they can get red bag. When they gather three red bags, they can also "draw each other" with friends, and exchange red bags with each other to get more surprises. The maximum amount of a single red bag can reach 1111 yuan.

Note: if you need to help others, you can get 100 red envelopes to be lit. The types of red envelopes are divided into common, rare and legendary. Don't believe that the super members will increase the probability of attracting attention. If you don't reply, don't open the stranger's reply. If you don't reply to a private letter, you can directly tell many people that she / he will directly pull the black and write If you want to help each other, please open the comment. You can comment by strangers or private letters. It is usually opened by default

2017 tmall's "double 11" strategy:

Amount range of red packet rain: each red packet is 1-1111 yuan, and tmall is rewarded with unlimited red packets, totaling 80 million yuan

Date of use: the red bag obtained from red bag rain can be purchased from tmall on the day of double 11

Red packet usage limit: 10 per order

When grabbing red envelopes, we must be clear about the rain schedule of the double 11 red envelopes, and be prepared in advance, so that we can win. Today is also the last wave before the double 11 event, so we must seize the opportunity.

Taobao's live broadcast of 2017 double 11 red packet rain

On the day of double 11 ', we customized to watch Taobao's live broadcast while robbing hongbaoyu. In the final stage, let the brand, KOL or stars together carry out a simple and direct sales in Taobao live studio. We hope to be able to send out a kind of positive selling state, such as what goods are replenished on the day of "double 11", or how many shopping vouchers and red envelopes are added when they are going to be sold short. Only these contents have rendering power, let consumers participate in the form of Taobao live broadcast at the first time.

*Warm tips:

1, the Alipay account of the user's Taobao membership account must be authenticated by real name and open the balance payment function, otherwise it will not get the red envelope.

2. 'cumulative consumption amount' refers to the actual payment amount of physical goods purchased by users in Taobao and tmall on the day of double 11, except for special categories / goods, and the refund amount is not included;

3. The same user can only create or join a team;

4. Mobile Taobao client (IOS 6.0.0 and above or Android 6.0.0 and above) mobile tmall client (IOS 5.24.1 and above or Android 5.24.1 and above);

The starting time of the gathering order for parents and double 11 is from 00:00:00 on October 21, 2017 to 20:00:00 on October 31, 2017.