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How to clean silver jewelry?

method of cleaning silver jewelry: wiping silver cloth

It's a cheap and effective special silver wiping cloth. Generally, when buying a silver necklace, you will send a silver wiping cloth with you, or buy a silver necklace back at the place where you sell silver ornaments. Wipe the oxidized silver necklace with the silver wiping cloth, and it will soon become shiny again.

Method of cleaning silver jewelry: toothpaste

Squeeze the toothpaste for daily brushing onto the soft toothbrush, brush the oxidized silver necklace back and forth, pay attention not to touch the water when brushing, not to put it on the tap while flushing, and then brush it. Soon the necklace will become as bright and white as the newly purchased one.

How to clean silver ornaments: Coke

We can use the coke we usually drink to soak the oxidized silver necklace. The time is about 12 hours. After soaking, take out the necklace and wash it with clear water. When it's dry, it will be as white as new.

The method of cleaning silver ornaments: vinegar

Use a small towel, dip in seasoned vinegar, wipe the oxidized silver necklace, scrub back and forth, the slowly oxidized color will disappear, leaving the shiny silver necklace.

How to clean silver ornaments: Tea overnight

Put a cup of overnight tea in a cup, preferably strong tea, and put it into the oxidized silver necklace. Soak it until the necklace is white and take it out.

The method of cleaning silver ornaments: washing silver water

If the above methods can't clean the oxidized substances, you can use the silver washing water for a while. Pay attention that the time must not be too long. The silver washing water has strong corrosion ability. Generally, one minute of the oxidized silver necklace is enough, but don't use the silver washing water frequently. It's not good for the necklace color and human body.

Maintenance of silver ornaments

1. The best way to maintain the silver ornaments is to wear them every day, because the grease of the human body will make the silver give out a warm and natural luster (of course, there are some exceptions, some people's sweat itself contains ingredients that make the Silver Black). Keep it away when you don't wear it at ordinary times. It's better to pack it in a closed pocket to prevent the silver surface from oxidation and blackening due to contact with the air.

2. Method of daily cleaning: squeeze a little toothpaste on the silver ornament, add some water, knead it properly until it has small white bubbles, and then rinse it with water to restore the brightness.

3. When wearing silver jewelry, do not wear other precious metal jewelry at the same time to avoid collision, deformation or abrasion.

4. Keep the silver jewelry dry. Don't swim with it. Don't get close to the hot spring and sea water.

5. When wearing, wipe the silver surface with a soft cloth every day to keep the luster. But it's better to use a special silver cloth. The cleaning cloth contains silver maintenance ingredients and cannot be washed with water.

6. If there is any sign of yellow on the silver ornament, clean the fine seam of the ornament with a small jewel brush, then wipe a drop of silver emulsion on the paper, wipe off the black oxide on the surface of the silver ornament, and then wipe the silver cloth to restore the original silver and brightness of the ornament.

7. It is suggested that if 80% of silver can be recovered by using silver cloth, there is no need to use silver milk and silver washing water, because these products are corrosive to some extent, and silver ornaments will turn yellow more easily after using these products. It's hard to whiten the silver ornaments after they turn black many times.