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Why is delireba called fatty Di Jie fatty Di's real weight

Why is delireba called fatty Di Jie fatty Di's real weight every star has the nickname of being spoiled by his fans. As a new generation of popular idol, delireba has won tens of millions of fans by virtue of her high appearance and long legs. She is affectionately called fatty Di by fans. Do you know how the title comes?

Delireba is a young female star of the post-90s generation. She is famous, but she is slim and called fat di. Why is delireba called fat Di is a puzzle.

It's reported that delireba and gulinaza, who are both Xinjiang people, were high school students. Before they became famous, they were very close friends. Netizens also dug out the nickname "fat Di" of delireba. Such nicknames aroused many netizens' curiosity. Why is the slim looking delireba called fat di?

The height of delireba is 169cm, the legs are thin and long, the waist is very thin, and the arms are very small, so we can't see where there is fat at all, but the weight of delireba is 47kg, so it's called "fat Di".

It's reported that Deli Geba loves snacks, such as chocolate, chips, candy and so on, so it's easy to connect with the word "fat". Why is Dee reeba called fat Dee? In fact, Dee reeba's weight is far worse than we think. Although she is not fat, her weight is not fit for her body.

The reason why delireba is fat is not because she is fat, but because she is slim, weighs more than expected, and likes to eat high calorie snacks, which makes people misunderstand her.