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Why do you have two buttons on the toilet for so many years

Why do you have two buttons on the toilet for so many years have you ever noticed that there are two buttons, one big button and the other small button, on the toilet in general. Many people think that the function of the big button and the small button is the same. In fact, is this really the case? Then what are the two buttons on the toilet?

Why are two buttons on the toilet

The small button is the small punch button, and the large button is the large punch button. Two buttons are designed to save water.

The toilet consists of the following main parts: water inlet pipe, water outlet pipe, seepage pipe, water plug (water inlet and water outlet), float ball, water drain knob and. Be sure to understand the function of the above parts in the work.

When discharging water, pull the water release knob, and the knob will pull up the water outlet by pulling it. Then the water in the tank will drain out. After the water is discharged, the water plug falls down and blocks the water outlet. At this time, the floating ball is also at the bottom of the water tank due to the water surface falling. The falling of the floating ball drives the water inlet plug to be pulled up, and the water enters the water tank.

With the rise of the water surface, the buoyancy of the floating ball will gradually increase until the water inlet is blocked by pressing down the water inlet plug. So the water tank is full of water.

When the water inlet pipe leaks due to failure (for example, the water inlet plug cannot block the water inlet or the water inlet pipe is broken), the water surface in the water tank will rise continuously and eventually overflow the water tank. The setting of seepage pipe solves this problem. When the water surface rises to the water seepage pipe orifice, the water will flow into the toilet from the water seepage pipe and will not overflow the water tank. When the water inlet pipe works normally, the water surface in the water tank will not reach the seepage pipe mouth, so there is no need to worry about the water flowing away.

When you pull the handle on the water tank to flush the toilet, the starting rod in the water tank will be raised. This bar will pull up the steel rope, and then let the steel rope pull up the ball plug or rubber cover at the bottom of the water tank. If the opening of the flush valve is unobstructed, the water in the water tank will flow through the raised ball plug and rush into the lower barrel. In this way, the water level of the barrel will be higher than that in the elbow.

When the water gushes out of the water tank, the floating ball floating on the water surface of the water tank will descend, pull the floating arm downward, so as to raise the valve plunger of the ball valve device and make the water flow into the water tank again. The water always flows to the low place, so the water in the water tank pushes the water in the barrel, and the latter flows into the drain pipe, thus creating a siphon effect and taking away all the things in the barrel. When the water in the bucket goes away, the air is sucked into the elbow, and the siphonage stops. At the same time, the water tank ball plug will fall back to its original position and close the opening of the flushing valve.

The ball will rise as the water level in the water tank rises until the height of the arm is enough to press the valve plunger into the ball valve and close the incoming water flow. If the water cannot be turned off, the excess water will flow down the overflow pipe into the barrel to avoid overflow of water in the water tank.

The difference between the two buttons

1. One of the two buttons on the toilet is half water and the other is full water. The two buttons on the toilet are one big. Press the large button to drain water; press the small button to drain water.

Generally speaking, the two buttons on the toilet water tank will be one big one. The big one is the large amount of flushing water, and the small one is the small amount of flushing water. This is a water-saving design. The current toilet is basically like this. Pressing the two buttons at the same time is to flush the whole water.

2. The two flush buttons are for saving water. The big button is pressed after the big solution; the small button is pressed after the small solution. Large amount of water can wash away solid feces. This can save water.