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Do brides have to wear red underwear on their wedding day? What's special about the bride wearing re

What color of underwear do you wear on your wedding day? Among the brides whom Xiaobian knows, almost all of them wear red underwear on their wedding day. What's the saying about wearing red underwear on their wedding day?

Since ancient times, our Chinese auspicious color is red. Red represents auspiciousness, joy, enthusiasm, boldness, passion and fighting spirit. In many countries and some ethnic groups, red has the function of expelling evil. For example, in ancient China, the walls of many palaces and temples were red. In addition, red traditionally means celebration, so we like to decorate with red at weddings and Spring Festival; red means the color of love.

Bright and pure red clothes will make you more like a bride and more auspicious and festive only when you are married. According to our Chinese tradition, you will live a red life in the future, so you'd better choose red.

The bride, in particular, is prepared by her mother In China's traditional culture, red represents festivity, and also represents the ability to avoid evil. In traditional Chinese weddings, the bride is wearing red clothes and pants. The most representative is the Phoenix crown, which is the clothes the princess wears when she gets married Modern brides usually wear wedding dresses when they get married, which means that traditional things are not so important, as long as the new couple think it's beautiful, convenient and practical, it's OK.