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Marriage blocking game Daquan marriage blocking 6 games active atmosphere

1. Love and black in the Marriage Game

If there are so many relatives in the bride's house that people are dizzy, then take out the photos as soon as possible to let the bridegroom know each other. They all say that since it is love, it is necessary to love everything about her, including relatives, of course!

Comments: this kind of game will not make the groom have too much physical consumption, which is more suitable for the wedding in summer, so as not to make the groom in a suit sweaty in the hot weather and affect the modeling

2. Don't forget the game of marriage blocking

Bridegroom, do you want to do something for the bride? First, let's take a calf knife, pour 355 ml coke into a 400 ml bottle, and let the bridegroom walk around the aisle and stairwell with the bottle in his hand. When he comes back, he will ask for 355 ml coke, and see how much is left for your bridegroom?

Comments: family and friends groups can enhance the difficulty of the game and make coke Fuller, but remember not to go to places with high difficulty to entertain the public, so as to avoid accidental injury to the groom on happy days.

3. The heart beating memory of the Marriage Game

Do you remember what you wore when you met the bride for the first time? Do you remember the time and place of the first meeting? Do you remember when the first kiss was? Take this time to interrogate her. If you are wrong, you will be punished!

Comments: This is a more interesting game. You can see whether the bridegroom is interested in the bride, but it's the day of the wedding after all, so as to avoid the bridegroom's nervous embarrassment. It's a little easier to prepare for the problem.

4. The love words of the Marriage Game

What else has not been said to the bride? Take this opportunity to test the bridegroom and read aloud the love for the bride. This is the time to test the bridegroom's cultural background. The bridegroom to be can prepare!

Comments: when the bridegroom is preparing for love talk, he should be careful not to exaggerate too much.

5. Marriage blocking game

It's not good for the groom to have culture alone. He must have intelligent intelligence, give some IQ questions, and let the groom give full play to his wisdom. Hehe, no wonder the groom has white hair on his head. He must be over using his brain!

6. Ideal object of marriage blocking game

The bridegroom must have a deep understanding of the bride. Cut the photos of the bride and the photos of other sisters according to their eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc. to see if the bridegroom can spell out a complete picture of the bride within the specified time?