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Can ant flower be prepayed? What are the consequences of ant flower prepayment

Now many people in online shopping, will choose to use ant flowers to pay, the so-called first consumption, then repayment, this is the case. However, some people are afraid that they will forget the repayment and lead to overdue repayment, so they will think about prepayment. Some people say that prepayment is taboo, which is incredible! Why is prepayment taboo?

It's really convenient for us to use Huabei to consume in advance, but we can prepay before the bill comes out. In fact, many people do not know that prepayment is taboo, so why is prepayment taboo? Let's learn about it.

Prepayment can really prove your repayment ability and credit, and it also shows that you are not short of money at all. The most serious consequence of children's boots that often do this is that Ma Yun's father has closed your Huabai and Jiebai. Financial institutions certainly want to make money through borrowing. You are not short of money but occupy resources. Alipay is certainly not willing to find it. It is looking for a buddy with high credit, repayment ability and lack of money.

The right way to increase the amount is to brush fireworks every month. One thing to note, however, is not to make a monthly or fixed three brush, so Alipay will think you have the suspicion of cash in cash. In addition, there are a lot of parameters for Huabei increase, and monthly brush burst is not the only reference value.

Finally, let's talk about the prepayment of installment payment. Some children's shoes will apply for payment by instalments. If you want to repay in advance, you can generally click "repay in advance", but the operation of "return next month" does not reduce the service charge. Before Xiaobian, the Commission was deducted because of cheap hands, so I hope you don't follow me. In addition, Huabei supports partial prepayment, which can also be operated if you need.