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Why does the stomach ache when the man is kicked to the egg?

Why does the stomach ache when the man is kicked to the egg? almost every man has this experience. When the other party accidentally mentions the crotch (you know), what hurts is not the egg but the stomach. That kind of pain is several times more painful than hitting the stomach directly. So the problem is, it's the egg. Why does the stomach hurt?

When kicked in the crotch, the time to pain is very fast. It is a kind of substance produced by the brain to send a signal to the body, so as to feel the pain. This is also a whole process of pain, which basically includes the body's early warning system.

Through this process, the body will secrete a substance called endorphin, which is a natural painkiller. It will lead to a great reduction of oxygen content in the body, and even lead to nausea and headache. Some people may cause swelling of inner ear, dizziness and tears after secreting this kind of tissue. Make you cry.

In addition, the injury of other parts of your body will go through this process, but the problem is coming again. Why is it that you are kicked to the painful stomach under the crotch? This is not consistent with the common sense, so what is the cause of this miscalculation?

In fact, this is not a misjudgment on the body, but because men's testicles are produced in the lower abdomen, only after a series of evolution, testicles sink, but the nerves and blood vessels on the testicles belong to the lower abdomen 'management'.

So, after a process like this, when the testicles are kicked, the brain releases substances to the testicles, but when passing through the abdomen, a large part of these substances stay there, but some still reach the testicles, but why only feel the stomachache? The reason is that the stomachache is far greater than the pain of the testicles. So the pain in the testicles is covered up.

According to Anthony Rivas of medical daily, the root cause is a nerve called vagus nerve. It will run through you. It's also a channel for the brain to produce material. The reason for severe abdominal pain is that it has a wide and long channel in the abdomen. The most important thing is that this nerve is far more than 'doing'. When it is mischievous, it can also explain why we usually have nausea and headache.

Therefore, it is very important to protect the crotch, because once hurt, your abdomen will experience a test of blood and tears. In addition, this vagus nerve always reminds us to protect other parts of ourselves.