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Is it true that women are like wolves and tigers

Is it true that women are like wolves and tigers we often describe a man as "standing at thirty, not confused at forty", and a woman as "thirty like a wolf, forty like a tiger". Do women aged 30 to 40 have such a strong sexual demand? Let's talk about the results of our survey!

1. In order to investigate women's sexual welfare index, gewis in Hamburg, Germany conducted a survey on 20-40 women, and found that 'women aged 40 are more sexually blessed than women aged 20'.

2. A medical survey in Japan shows that 'when men enter middle age, their sexual desire will gradually decrease. On the contrary, women's libido increased between 40 and 50 years old.

3. Scientists from the University of Texas interviewed 827 women about their sexual life index, and the results showed that '27-45 year olds have the most active sexual life'. People of this age will reach the peak of sexual desire and sexuality, and their sexual fantasies will be more intense and frequent.

Why do women have more sex after they are 30?

Mature, know more about sex

When women have sex before the age of 30, most of them are in the period of groping and ignorance. They don't have enough sexual knowledge and skills, so it may not be very smooth when they are popping. But by the age of 30, with the increase of frequency, shyness has also decreased. With more knowledge of sex, sexual life will naturally be more harmonious.

Increased levels of sex hormones

The highest age of men's sexual hormone level is about 20 years old. At this time, men's sexual desire is also the strongest. On the contrary, when a woman reaches 30 years old, the female hormone will gradually decrease, but the decrease rate of testosterone secretion is relatively slow, and the sexual desire is more vigorous in this age group. Therefore, someone once said that "for the sake of sexual harmony and happiness, men should marry at the age of 20 and women at the age of 30".

In addition, 40 years old women are the last time of pregnancy, and the genitals will reach climax, which is also the main reason for the high sexual desire of women in the 40-50 years old.

Family, work

Most women have families and children after they are 30 years old. They have higher expectations for life in a happy marriage and a successful career. Therefore, they may spend more energy to create a happy life, including sexual life. Of course, some women's sexual desire is stronger after the age of 30, which may also be caused by family and work pressure, so they may be eager to decompress through sexual life.

Postpartum vaginal relaxation recovered

After having sex with a young girl, the vagina is relaxed, which leads to unsatisfied sex. Therefore, some women may use some methods to regain their sexual blessings. The exercise of pubococcial muscle is one of them. When women can have normal sex, their desire may be stronger.

Warm reminder: whether a woman has strong sexual desire after marriage or not, she should have a reasonable sexual life. When the situation occurs, the husband and wife should communicate more, understand each other and seek medical treatment in time.