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Why do you put a piece of cloth on the hotel bed

Why do you put a piece of cloth on the hotel bed I don't know if you pay attention to it when you stay in the hotel. Almost all hotels, no matter double bed or single bed, will lay a long strip on the white flower bed. No, it's not a sheet or quilt cover. Is it just decoration? Is there any other special role? The following small series will reveal the answer for you!

This cloth has a tall name called "bed flag". Northern China likes to call it bed end scarf, and some people call it bed mat. Bed end towels are generally used in hotel rooms, some families in order to embellish the atmosphere of their own rooms, beds also have bed end towels. So, what's the function of laying a bed end towel on the bed? Follow Xiaobian and look down & hellip;

First of all, it is mainly based on aesthetic design. The beds in the hotel are usually pure white. The beds are decorated with exquisite patterns or flags that have obvious contrast with the beds. The beds are more beautiful and magnificent, playing a decorative role, and then the health. When guests come to your hotel room, they can sit on the end of the bed towel to prevent the dust stuck on the clothes from falling on the bed. It is clean and sanitary, which can play a protective role.

Sometimes we like to stay in bed to do anything, such as eating, playing games, watching TV. In this process, there will be some garbage, especially when we sit or lie in bed to eat, food scraps and waste fall on the quilt accidentally, so the existence of the bed flag can solve this embarrassment very well, so we don't It's done with sheets and covers.