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Banquet etiquette: skills of how to speak at the table

When it comes to drinking, almost all people have experienced it. Wine culture is also an old and fresh topic. In the process of communication, more and more modern people have found the role of wine. Indeed, wine, as a medium of communication, plays a unique role in greeting guests, meeting friends, communicating with each other and passing on friendship. Therefore, exploring the 'mystery' on the wine table will help you to succeed in communication.

Banquet etiquette: skills of how to speak at the table

How to talk on the table

1. We should not talk in private

Most of the banquet guests are more, so we should try to talk about some topics that most people can participate in and get the approval of most people. Because of different interests, hobbies and knowledge, the topic should not be too biased as far as possible, to avoid egotism, from all over the world, Shenkan boundless, appear off topic phenomenon, and ignore the public.

In particular, try not to whisper with people, give others a sense of mystery, often produce a 'good for you' jealousy psychology, affect the effect of drinking.

2. Aim at the guests and host, grasp the overall situation

Most banquets have a theme, which is the purpose of drinking. When you go to a banquet, you should first look around your expressions and distinguish between the primary and the secondary. Don't just drink for the sake of drinking, and lose the good opportunity to make friends, and do not let some pompous drinkers disturb the host's meaning.

3. The language is appropriate and humorous

Sprinkle on the table can show a person's talent, common sense, cultivation and social demeanor, sometimes a humorous language, will leave a deep impression on the guests, make people virtually have a good impression on you. Therefore, we should know when to say what, the language is appropriate, humor is the key.

4. Don't force people to drink in moderation

In the wine table, people often encounter the phenomenon of persuading people to drink. Some people always like to treat the wine field as a battlefield, trying to persuade others to drink more, thinking that it is not realistic to drink enough.

It's OK to talk about heroes with wine. It's OK for people who drink a lot, but it's difficult for those who have a small amount of alcohol. Sometimes, if we persuade people to drink too much, they will completely destroy their original friends' feelings.

5. Toasts are orderly, with clear priorities

Toasting is also a discipline. In general, toasting should be in order of age, position, guest and host status. Before toasting, we must fully consider the order of toasting and make clear the priority. If you want to drink with unfamiliar people, you should first inquire about your identity or pay attention to what others call you. You should know this in mind to avoid embarrassing or emotional situations.

When toasting, we must grasp the order of toasting. If you ask a guest to be at the table, you should be more respectful to him. However, if there are higher status or older people present, you should not only be respectful to those who can help you, but also toast the venerable elders first. Otherwise, everyone will be embarrassed.

6. Observe what you say and what you see, and understand people's heart

If you want to get everyone's appreciation on the table, you must learn to watch your words. Because to communicate with people, we must understand the people's heart and find the right and left to play a good role on the wine table.

7. Steady on Mount Tai

At the banquet, you should see the occasion clearly, evaluate your own strength correctly, don't be too impulsive, and try to keep some wine and speech propriety. Don't let others look down on yourself, and don't expose yourself too much. Only by choosing appropriate opportunities and gradually radiating your own edge, can we sit on Mount Tai without giving others the idea of "this ability", so that we dare not underestimate your strength.