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What's the matter with women eating shrimp and measuring alcohol driving? What food is easy to be ch

Eating a shrimp can also be found out what's wrong with drunk driving? One night the other day, on the Gaohai expressway, Kunming traffic police were carrying out routine inspection. A speeding car was stopped in the distance. After checking the driver's license, the traffic police handed the alcohol tester to Ms. Zhang. As a result, he was investigated for drunk driving, but the female driver vowed that she had not drunk. What was the matter?

The woman ate shrimp and found out that she didn't drink alcohol when driving. Why did she repeatedly check that it was "drunk driving?" Ms. Zhang panicked. She has always stressed that she did not drink any alcohol, so it is impossible to drive after drinking!

But what's the problem?

After careful recollection, Ms. Zhang finally remembered that in the previous dinner, there was a dish of drunk shrimp!

When a woman eats shrimp and finds drunk shrimp, she puts ice in a glassware, then live shrimp, finally yellow rice wine and seasoning into it and completely immerses the shrimp. After a while, the shrimp is drunk, and then it can be eaten!

This is a delicious food that many people like to eat. You can taste not only the delicious shrimp, but also the pure wine.

According to Ms. Zhang, she not only ate the drunk shrimp, but also mixed the rice with the juice! Then she drove on the road. She didn't realize that it would also lead to drunk driving, but also did not expect that it was found by the traffic police. Finally, the traffic police detained Ms. Zhang's driver's license for six months, and fined 3000 yuan!

This dish of drunk prawns has become a priceless one! I really don't want to eat food with alcohol when driving in the future!

What food to eat is easy to be found drunk?

Litchi: because of its high sugar content, under certain conditions, it will ferment to produce ethanol. After eating, the ethanol content in the mouth will increase and it is easy to be 'Drunk'.

Pear: not only litchi, but also other fruits with high sugar content, such as pears.

Yolk pie: the ingredients of yolk pie contain alcohol.

Strawberry pie, European style cake: also with edible alcohol.

Beancurd: the ingredients of tofu contain edible alcohol, and the alcohol concentration in the mouth is higher after eating. If you eat sufu, use alcohol tester to test it immediately. The value is as high as 12.6mg/100ml. After about 10 minutes, the alcohol can be restored to 0.

Fruit beer (with hops in the ingredients), drunken crab (snail, shrimp), beer duck, brewed round, rotten chicken (meat), etc.: containing alcohol, may trigger the detection instrument after consumption.

Chinese food: add cooking wine in the cooking process. If you add more, you may also be tested for alcohol driving.

Distiller's grains: the test results may even be serious drunk driving. There is wine in the distiller's grains. Such a 'wine driving' is worthy of the name.

Gevas: as a wort fermented drink, although the alcohol content is very small, it may exceed the standard if it is tested immediately after a large amount of drinking.

Huoxiang Zhengqi water: some Chinese patent medicines contain alcohol, which is easy to be detected as "drunk driving".

Injection: Some injection also contain ethanol, such as hydrocortisone injection, Nimodipine Injection, Xueshuantong injection, Nimodipine Injection, docetaxel, etc.