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When does iPhone x go on sale? Where is iPhone x booked Recently, the iPhone 8 was sold in China in cold weather. The first time it was sold, Japan thought it would be hot. As a result, Apple's retail stores were crowded. Because of the similar appearance, consumers seemed not to have a cold at all for the iPhone 8, but what attracted consumers more was the simultaneous release of the iPhone X. when will the iPhone X be sold? Let's see the details below!

According to the website of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Apple iPhone X has a battery capacity of 2715 MAH, the main frequency of the a11 bionic chip is 2.4GHz, and the running memory is 3gb. In contrast, the iPhone 8 plus has a battery capacity of 2691 MAH and the smaller iPhone 8 has a capacity of 1821 MAH.

The reason for the larger battery capacity may be to support the truedepth depth sensing camera of iPhone x, which is the basic hardware of Apple's new face ID face recognition system. Another power consuming component is a dual camera system with optical stability.

In addition, Apple announced that the iPhone x will be available in advance on October 27 and officially on November 3. But it's not clear if we can get it when we go too far. Previously, Taiwan's supply chain manufacturers reported that the current number of parts shipped by suppliers is only about 40% of the original planned production preparation for iPhone X. Before full production of the iPhone x, apple is waiting to see pre orders for the iPhone X and sales performance of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus.

Guo Mingchi, an analyst at Kaiji securities, also pointed out that the iPhone X was in such a serious shortage mainly because of the yield problem of the truedepth camera system. This time, the iPhone x uses the truedepth camera system, which integrates a large number of sensors, so it will cause great trouble in production. At present, apple officially announced that the iPhone X's reservation time is October 27, and how many products they will release is also a big question.