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How to send long video in wechat circle of friends

How to send long video in wechat circle of friends we often see all kinds of short videos in the circle of friends. However, wechat video can't exceed 10 seconds. Many friends want to send a complete long video in the circle of friends. How can wechat circle of friends send long videos? Let's take a look at the detailed operation process of wechat circle of friends sending long videos.

Wechat circle of friends send long video text course:

The time limit for small videos in wechat is 6 seconds, which is said to be determined after a lot of research and investigation. This time length of video traffic is the most economical and the best effect. But how can a short period of 6 seconds meet human needs?

See a lot of friends in their circle of friends when releasing video, are sent 6 seconds of small video, and a hair is several small video. In fact, in the wechat circle of friends, you can publish videos of unlimited length recorded in your mobile phone.


1. Open the wechat client. First of all, we have to find a contact person and send him the video you want to publish. This is done to "collect" the video later.

2. Select the video file to be sent in the album:

3. Click the send button:

4. If the video is too large, the wechat client will automatically perform the compression function:

5. After sending successfully, press and hold the video until the options bar shown on the picture appears. Select collection.

6. Now the video has been 'collected' to wechat. Click 'I' in the lower right corner of wechat to see 'collection'. Open collection '.

7. After opening 'collection', you can see the video you just collected.

8. Click on this video, and you can see the logo similar to '...' in the upper right corner of the interface. Click it.

9. Then you can see the 'share to friends' option. Next, it's just like the normal hair state and hair talk. Just follow it.

A super long short video is enough to express all the needs.

The above is about wechat friends how to upload long video method introduction, you can understand, if you want to send long video, you can follow the above method.