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How to authenticate Dida car owners

How to authenticate Dida car owners

Dida travel is a good online car Hailing service platform, which is used by many people. What should I do if I want to join Dida travel and how to certify the owner of Dida travel. Therefore, Ansoft market will provide you with a detailed introduction of the certified car owner. For the owner, Dida travel can also help you get more business, instead of driving in the street and taking chances to meet customers How to authenticate car owners,

Certification method of Dida travel owner

1. Open Dida travel and click my

2. Click vehicle certification to enter the certification interface

3. Select license plate

4. Select vehicle model

5. Select vehicle color

6. Add ID information and vehicle photos

7. The last thing to do is to wait for the audit.

The above is about how to carry out the owner certification of Dida travel, the relevant content of Dida travel owner certification method, and more wonderful information. You can remember the mobile phone collection and attention.