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Can air conditioning be used for newborns in summer? What are the precautions of air conditioning fo

Hot summer, for the newborn just out of the mother's body, it's very easy to not adapt to the stimulation of the outside world, so it's hard to survive the hot summer. Can the newborn blow the air conditioner in summer? May as well let the four seas net small make up for you!

Sure. When the temperature is very high, you need to give your baby a proper way to reduce the summer heat, otherwise it is easy to sweat, dehydration or even heatstroke. However, it should be noted that if the indoor environment is too cold, the baby will not be able to bear it. The newborn's skin is very thin, the subcutaneous fat is very little, the body surface area is far smaller than that of the adult, the heat in the body is lost quickly and produced less, and the baby's body is not able to cope with the temperature change well, it is easy to catch cold, if the situation is in crisis, the subcutaneous fat will coagulate and harden, that is, scleromatosis, which is very dangerous.

1. Keep warm in summer

No matter how to reduce the summer heat, the baby's axillary temperature should be kept between 36 ℃ and 37 ℃, and the anal temperature should be between 36.5 ℃ and 37.5 ℃. The air in the air conditioner can't face the newborn directly. It is suggested to wear loose clothes made of cotton for newborns, not too much, and not sweat when they are not active. For the weak premature babies, it is very important to keep warm. If the situation is serious, please let the premature babies in hospital and use warm box for nursing.

2. Long time air conditioning is harmful to health

Air conditioning should be done in a proper way, not continuously for a long time. Newborn babies are prone to dizziness, chest tightness, nausea and even cold caused by upper respiratory tract infection in the environment with dirty air and dense bacteria. The immunity and resistance of the newborn are very weak. It is very easy to catch cold and fever, or the tonsil is swollen and inflamed. It may also have diarrhea, cough and runny nose.

3. Indoor temperature and humidity should be balanced

In order to avoid the cold of the new baby, please adjust the temperature of the air conditioner above 26 ℃; if conditions permit, use the humidifier to adjust the humidity, if there is no humidifier at home, you can put a basin of water before going to bed; often open the window for ventilation. If the newborn has slight fever symptoms, please strengthen indoor ventilation to keep the baby warm, and take medicine if necessary. Don't turn off the air conditioner and electric fan immediately, but let the temperature rise, which is harmful to the baby's recovery.