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A big analysis of Scorpio man's character

Four seas network: Scorpio man is probably the most loving and hateful creature in the world. Once you enter his world, you can't help falling in love with him. But this unlimited constellation will be too hot to scorch you. So you should be prepared to keep a distance with him at all times. Let's take a look at 20 characteristics of Scorpio man!

1. Alternate display of sensibility and reason:

There are both sensibility and rationality. Others are often fascinated by the integration of his sensibility and rationality and are at a loss. He has a sound mind, rich in philosophy and the courage to explore the secrets of life.

2. Perseverance:

Scorpio man works hard and bravely in adversity. When others are about to collapse and complain, he is full of energy and courage.

3. Strong desire to monopolize:

Marriage with a Scorpio man will give you a sense of security, but you occasionally agree that a man will frown, and he will be jealous and furious when he finds out.

4. The father gives birth to the son:

Scorpio man is a strict father. He does not allow his children to be lazy or frivolous. He can protect his children, but he hopes they can stand on their own as soon as possible.

5. Specialization:

It's hard for a Scorpio man to love someone who is persistent in love. Once he falls in love with someone, it will last forever. No matter whether he has capital or not, since he chooses you, he won't like others any more, because his feelings are beyond doubt. So, what constellation is Scorpio best suited to?

6. Jealous:

Even if he is only in love with you & hellip; is full of vinegar, he will pretend to be indifferent when he has time, and then he will deliberately find an ambiguous object to show up in front of you.

7. Extreme:

Some Scorpio men will be extremely introverted and extroverted, which can be very quiet or noisy. Scorpio has a strong ability to adapt to the environment. He can adapt to different people, as long as he is not the object he particularly dislikes.

8. Sensitivity:

Scorpio man is easy to understand each other's psychology, as long as through language, action, eyes, etc., because he is very sensitive.

9. Fragile and paranoid:

It is because Scorpio is so sensitive that he is so fragile and easily affected, for example, suddenly silent. There is a kind of inferiority in Scorpio's bones, but sometimes he is very confident. He doesn't allow others to doubt and distrust him, which is a bit paranoid.

10. Two sides:

Scorpio man sulks in front of strangers, that is, pretends to be deep, squats in the corner completely can not be noticed. In front of the acquaintances, there is no image.

11. He is diligent:

Scorpio man usually around what happened, a pair of things related to my p stink expression, in fact, the heart is like a mirror.

12. Charm:

When quarreling, he will say whatever he wants. Every word breaks your heart. You will hate him. But when his anger died down, he bent down to kiss your bleeding heart, and the sweetness Immediately shattered all the pain.

13. Bravery:

When you focus on something, it gives you a sense of self-confidence and determination. The expression that you have to be fully engaged in is really charming. You will feel proud of his strong courage in the face of setbacks.

14. Strong possessiveness:

You are not allowed to touch my things.

15. Cold blood:

Scorpio man will not be compassionate, will not blame others, things are completed by themselves, or guide others to complete.

16. Sullen and awkward:

If someone tells scorpion man some interesting things and common things every day, maybe Scorpio will say 'what's the matter with me' after listening to them. But he will be very happy. After all, it's a good feeling to be trusted. But if you get used to listening, and you suddenly lose your hearing one day, you will ask 'what did you do today'

17. Attack on the mind:

Bossy and domineering, good at keeping secret and covering up the truth, working in scheming, gloomy personality, making people unpredictable and concentrated are the biggest characteristics of Scorpio's personality, so once the goal is established, it will go all out.

18. Exclusive purpose:

Scorpio man is addicted to manipulating other people's affairs, including lovers, children, friends and all others.

19. Patience:

The real hunter is good at waiting, and can stand the test of prey's cunning. The male Scorpio will wait bravely to achieve its goal.

20. External cooling and internal heat:

But there are not many people who can be hot to them. The more Scorpio seems to be very enthusiastic about you, it can mostly prove that he / she is not very interested in you. On the contrary, on the surface, I don't care about you. In fact, my heart is already approaching you.