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Is the iPhone 8 worth buying? IPhone 8 detailed hands-on evaluation iPhone 8 has been on the market for a long time. For many real fans of love, no matter what the iPhone 8 looks like, they will buy it. Most of the people who hold money and wait for a new one are old iPhone users. Since the advent of iPhone 6, iPhone 8 has not changed much. Besides, his proud last born brother, iPhone x, is competing for favor. So wait for iPhone X or What about the iPhone 8? Let's take a closer look at this product.

Back to the product itself, the design and parameters of the iPhone 8 / 8 plus need not be introduced too much in a small compilation, which was very clear at the conference. In short:

1, the appearance is almost the same as that of iPhone 7/7 Plus. You can see that the texture is different by magnifying the microscope.

2. The back is made of glass, which has better reflective effect but is also more fragile, and heavier than the iPhone 7.

3. The processor has been upgraded to the strongest a11 bionic chip on the ground. It's really one of the strongest. None of the Android camp can fight.

4. The wireless charging function is newly added, but the wireless charging base needs to be purchased separately. The price of the official version has not been announced so far. The price of the third party starts from 500 yuan, and can only be displayed here.

All right, these are all the news that we already know before we get it. Let's take a look at the actual performance of the real machine.

The first is the packaging box, which continues the iPhone 7 style. There is nothing special about it. You can see it's Apple Mobile. The film on the surface of the packing box is quite humanized. There is a buckle at the bottom. Once the whole film is pulled, it will all crack automatically. Unlike the original sealing film of some domestic brands, it can only be cut with a knife.

Unfortunately, the inner arrangement of the packing box is not humanized, and the mobile phone lies there straightly without any fixed sets around. If you open the box a little harder, the cell phone in it will pop out easily. Is it surprising or unexpected?

The new machine is on hand, and it really doesn't look different from the iPhone 7. Although the glass back cover is used, the light and shadow effect is not as different as expected, especially compared with the bright black version of the iPhone 7. Xiaobian thinks that the iPhone 8 is slightly inferior. What you can intuitively feel is that the iPhone 8 is getting heavier and more obvious on plus. Maybe it's the material of the fuselage.

Because of the glass, the iPhone 8 is theoretically vulnerable. It used to be a broken screen when I fell to the ground, but now it's all over me. Of course, this is just a conjecture of Xiaobian. Maybe Apple's glass is stronger than metal. But Xiaobian can't bear to take a new machine to do this kind of violence test.

In terms of color, the government has provided three kinds of colors: silver, gold and dark gray. Compared with the iPhone 7, it is much more monotonous, and there is no highly praised bright black. In addition, Apple really called them silver, gold and deep sky grey. After Xiaobian got used to the naming of gilded gold, magic night black and flame red of domestic mobile phones, Apple's naming felt very straight.

This time, I ordered two versions of gold and deep sky grey. Frankly speaking, the so-called gold looks like pink at all. I don't know where the gold comes from. Let's take a look at the real pictures together to prove that Xiaobian is indeed free of color blindness.

In terms of hand feel, it's no different from the iPhone 7 except for the previous ones. The handle of the glass back cover is almost the same as that of the bright blackboard iPhone 7, and the press feedback of the home key is the same as that of the previous generation. The metal frame with rounded corners makes the iPhone 8 feel comfortable.

On the whole, the iPhone 8's first touch is not as surprising as Apple's previous phone updates. As a digital model iterative product, the iPhone 8 experience is obviously failed, at most can only be called iPhone 7S. Maybe in Apple's plan, iPhone x is the real iterative product. For existing iPhone 7 users, there is no need to abandon 7 for 8. The two experiences are similar, but the difference is not small. If you're a king's glory player and want to experience high frame rate mode, iPhone 7 is enough.