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How to appear on fingernail horizontal grain vertical grain white spot to return a responsibility? I

For some experienced old Chinese doctors, they often find out what happens to the body from the details of the nails. Is there any disease precursor to the vertical lines, horizontal lines and spots on the nails? They inadvertently find that there are vertical lines on their nails, and a little concave after careful touch. What's the matter? Is it sick? See a doctor!

The doctor said: it depends on the degree. If it's serious, it's medically speaking, spoon shaped nails. It's caused by lack of nutrition. Women often suffer from chronic anemia.

1. Concavity of nails, generally seen in the appearance of some horizontal lines, vertical lines and spots on nails, etc. This change of nail is closely related to the low function of tissue and organ, the destruction and atrophy of tissue structure and other pathological changes.

2. The nail surface is not smooth enough, and there are straight lines, which usually appear after overwork and excessive use of the brain; when the sleep is insufficient, these vertical lines will appear clearly. If the vertical striae always exists, it may be a chronic disease of internal organs. If not, with the development of the disease, nails will become uneven and even split!

3. Transverse pattern: This is very serious! The transverse pattern on the nail is a record of the pathological changes that have occurred. In other words, when there are transverse lines on the nail, there must have been some pathological changes in the body. Generally speaking, at the beginning, the transverse pattern is only at the bottom of the nail. With the growth of the nail, it gradually moves upward, which indicates that the onset time is getting closer and closer. It means that the horizontal pattern is more serious than the vertical pattern!

4. Spots: there are a small amount of white spots on the nail, which are usually the manifestations of zinc deficiency, silicon deficiency or parasitic diseases; the number of white spots is relatively large, which may be a sign of neurasthenia; the yellow spots on the nail may be the disease of the digestive system; if there are black spots on the nail, be careful, the light ones are just overworked and malnourished, the heavy ones may be gastroptosis, gastric cancer and children Signs of uterine cancer. Think about parasites

The concavity of nails indicates the lack of calcium, protein and sulfur in the body. These nutrients can be obtained from eggs and garlic, and it is better to eat them frequently.

5. Dents in nails can also be seen in disease changes. It is recommended to see a doctor in time.

80% of psoriatic arthritis patients have nail lesions, especially the distal interphalangeal joint is involved. When the lesions are light, only the thimble like depression can be found. The deck is thickened and tarnished. There are transverse or longitudinal lines on the surface, often the nail is thickened. When the disease is serious, the nail can be peeled off.

6. It can also be seen in the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia. Anemia patients have pale nails, sunken nails in the middle, and the whole nail becomes flat or spoon shaped. To observe whether there is anemia, observe the blood color, choose the thinnest part of the skin. At first glance, the lips of the non anaemic people are red, and the anaemic people look pale. Second, look at the nail, nail translucency, but also to observe whether there is a better part of anemia. Third, look at the eyelids, as long as the lower eyelid skin gently pulled down, combined with the membrane turned over, pale and lack of blood color is suggested anemia.

Healthy nails should be uniform in color and light pink in color; the nails are tough, thick, thin and suitable, moderate in hardness and softness, not easy to break; the surface is smooth, shiny, without layering, lines, etc.; the nail edge is neat, without defects; the nail half moon at the root of the nail, which is commonly known as the crescent, accounts for one fifth of the nail ascending order, which is suitable for milky white, and some people are not born with it.

Look! Touch! Are your nails smooth? Are they concave? Are there vertical lines?