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Dubai police's new flying bikes are so cool. Flying bikes don't worry about traffic jams anymore

Traffic jam is a difficult problem in modern times. Even the mobile phone has not been solved well. The most common problem of traffic police Tucao at high speed is that the emergency lane is occupied. The first time can not be rushed to the scene of the crime. However, Dubai has overcome this problem.

Police in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, recently introduced a one seater flying motorcycle that can fly up to 16 feet (about 5 meters) in the air at a speed of 43 miles (about 70 kilometers) per hour, the Daily Mail reported. Police tested the motorcycle in the parking lot and videotaped the whole process.

It is reported that the Dubai police test fly the flying motorcycle in a parking lot. The flying motorcycle is equipped with a flying rotor and is pasted with the Dubai police badge. In the video, the police officer who tried to fly the motorcycle is dressed in black, fashionable and stylish. He gets on the motorcycle and flies skillfully across the parking lot. Behind him is a row of luxury police cars.

It is understood that the flying motorcycle was built by the Russian company hoversurf and recently exhibited at the Dubai Gulf information technology exhibition. The flying motorcycle can carry about 300 kg and carry people for 25 minutes. The built-in safety system limits the maximum flight speed and altitude to avoid accidents.

Dubai police said the motorbike will make it easier for police to get to the scene of the crime, especially when traffic jams affect cars and motorcycles.

In addition, it is said that the advanced motorcycle is made by the manufacturer of the fighting nation Russia. The Dubai police have not yet put it into use, but will soon put it into use. Dubai's police are very famous all over the world. The reason is that Dubai's police equipment is often very luxurious. For example, they can use Bentley as a police car and this flying motorcycle. After the motorcycle is used, the police can arrive at the scene at the fastest speed, especially when encountering the most annoying traffic jam section, they can fly over the traffic jam section quickly.

However, there are also other problems. Once people use it, especially more and more people use it, there will be less congestion on the ground. It can solve some emergencies like first aid, but will it cause congestion in the air? This is worth further thinking.