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Will the price of Jingdong mobile phone be reduced in 2018 National Day

Does Jingdong mobile phone offer for National Day 2018 as the most reliable e-commerce platform for mobile phone purchase, Jingdong has also launched a lot of discounts in this national day. Does Jingdong reduce the price of mobile phones on National Day? How much does it reduce the price of mobile phones on the national day of Jingdong? The following small editor will bring you the specific information of mobile phone discount of Jingdong National Day!

Mobile phone discount time of Jingdong National Day

1. September 21-September 24: Mid Autumn Festival gift

2. September 25 - September 28: National Day gift

3. September 29 - September 30: Hi buy Preview

What are the special offers for Jingdong mobile phone on National Day

1. Over 2980 minus 300 coupons

2. Over 1980 minus 100 coupons

3. Over 980 minus 501 coupons

4. Over 3000 minus 100 coupon

5. 6 interest free coupons

Coupon collection address:

Use rules of mobile phone coupons on national day of Jingdong