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What are the films on the national day of 2018

What are the films on the national day of 2018

Sihaiwang: National Day is coming, how do you plan to spend it? In addition to traveling, many friends like to ask friends to have dinner and see movies. Many films are shown on National Day every year, and this year is no exception. What films are shown in the 2018 National Day archives? Let's have a look.

1. Shadow

Starring: Deng Chao / Sun Li / Zheng Kai / Wang Qianyuan / Wang Jingchun / Hu Jun / Guan Xiaotong / Wu Lei

Type: plot / action / Costume

Release date: 2018-09-30 (mainland China)

Plot introduction: chaotic situation, surrounded by enemies. A double, who was secretly imprisoned since childhood, is not willing to be a weapon in other people's hands. However, if he wants to break through the shackles and find himself, he will have to go through the test of thousands of difficulties. How can the double find his freedom?

2. Action team fat

Starring: article / Bao bell / Guo Jingfei / Li Chengmin / Lamu Yangzi / Xu Juncong / Zeng Yijun / Cangtian BaoZhao / mufanlong / Song Jia

Type: Comedy / action

Release date: 2018-09-30 (mainland China)

Synopsis: agent 'J' (article decoration) is shot in the head during a Class-A mission, resulting in intracranial hypothalamus damage. During the period of recuperation, J gradually became a big fat man of 300 Jin and suffered from severe narcolepsy, but j still thought he was an ace agent. Finally, J received the task again and went to Japan alone to retrieve the confidential documents. After getting the document, J opened the document without authorization and decided to continue to complete the task of hiding it for the organization. Unexpectedly, he fainted in the pub. J wakes up in the hospital and meets the security guard Hao Yingjun (Bao Bell). Hao Yingjun resolutely joins the task in order to prove that he is not a loser. In the process of carrying out their tasks, the temporary partners have gone through a series of crises that are both ironic and dangerous

3. Rescuing Wang Xingren

Starring: Cheng Yi / Cui Yahan / Lin Xue / Wen song / Tang Ben / Ou di / Zhao Yihan / Zheng Zeshi / Zhou Yan / Li Tianyou / Liang Chao / Zhan Ruiwen

Type: Comedy / Adventure

Release date: 2018-09-30 (mainland China)

Story introduction: retired police dog trainer Cheng bin, together with his retired drug Dog Labrador Daxiong, who has trained for many years and made countless contributions, works as a store manager in a five-star pet club. During this period, he adopted ten stray dogs and trained them into a "magic dog team" with unique skills. At the 3rd Anniversary Party of pet club, all dogs in the community attended the party and stayed in the club that night. Unexpectedly, the next morning, all the pets in the neighborhood disappeared overnight. Love and responsibility coexist, Chengbin had to take Daxiong, launched a rescue of Wang Xing people's Congress. However, after experiencing the speed and passion of the dog on the way to the rescue, he was accidentally involved in the drug case of the criminal gang, and was forced to launch a soul stirring life and death struggle. In the end, Cheng bin and the "shendog secret service team" fought the criminal gang, and won the victory bravely. More than 100 Wang Xingren were freed.

4. Find you

Starring: Yao Chen / MA Yili / yuan Wenkang / Wu HaoChen / Wang Zichen / Tao Xinran / Gao Ye

Type: plot / family relationship

Release date: 2018-09-30 (mainland China)

Plot introduction: Lawyer Li Jie (Yao Chen) is in the process of divorce, fighting with her ex husband for the custody of her daughter and working hard to give her children the best life. Fortunately, nanny sun Fang (played by Ma Yili) helps to take care of the children and takes it as his own. One day after work, Li Jie finds that nanny sun Fang and her daughter have disappeared without warning, and her greatest fear has become a reality. In pursuit of the whereabouts of sun Fang and her daughter, she received condemnation from her family members, and even was suspected by the police. Almost collapsed, Li Jie, relying on amazing courage, embarked on the journey of seeking alone. In the process of tracking, Li Jie gradually approaches the life story of another woman, nanny sun Fang. Her identity was originally a lie, and the truth will come to the surface & hellip; & hellip;

5. Li Cha's aunt

Starring: Huang Cailun / Allen / Song Yang / Lu Jingshan / Shen Teng

Type: Comedy / plot

Release date: 2018-09-30 (Chinese mainland)

Plot introduction: the film "aunt of Li Cha" is adapted from the popular drama of the same name in happy Mahua. Li Cha's aunt is a rich widow. A group of people gathered for Li Cha's engagement ceremony coveted her aunt's property. A funny story of life dislocation caused by money and lies starts from this.

6. "Matchless"

Starring: Zhou Runfa / Guo Fucheng / Zhang Jingchu / Feng Wenjuan / Liao Qizhi / Sun Jiajun / Wang Yaoqing / Zhang Songzhi / Zhang Jiansheng / Fang Zhongxin / Wu Jialong

Type: action / crime

Release date: 2018-09-30 (Chinese mainland)

Synopsis: matchless tells the story of a criminal gang headed by the code name 'painter' (Zhou Runfa), who has mastered the technology of making counterfeit banknotes, so it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity from the fake. It also makes transactions around the world to obtain benefits, which attracts the attention of the police. However, the identity of the painter and other members has always been a mystery, and the police's progress in solving the case is facing unprecedented challenges. At the critical moment, Li Wen (Guo Fucheng), who is good at painting, opens a breakthrough in solving the case, but the real identity of the painter is unexpected;

7. Sadness against the current into a river (2018)

Type: plot / love

Starring: Zhao Yingbo / Ren Min / Xin Yunlai / Zhang Ruonan / Zhu Danni

Release date: 2018-09-30 (mainland China)

In the narrow and humid alleys of Shanghai, two different people grow up. In the process of rumor becoming a sharp weapon to destroy people, tragedy repeats itself in mistakes;

8. Yunnan insect Valley (2018)

Type: suspense / Fantasy / Adventure

Starring: Cai Heng / Gu Xuan / Yu Heng / Cheng Taishen / MA Yuke

Release date: 2018-09-30 (mainland China)

As a result of previous explorations, Hu Bayi and others have eye marks on their bodies. This mark carries a curse, which will endanger people's lives. It is said that the dust bead can untie the curse. However, it was once placed in the tomb of the king Xian of ancient Yunnan as a burial object. Hu Bayi and others can only go deep into the plague to explore the wonders of ancient tombs.

9. Moon Zhaoming: a legend of ancient Swords

Type: action / Fantasy / Martial Arts / Costume

Region: Mainland

Starring: Wang Leehom / song Qian / Gao Yixiang / Gao Shengyuan / Wu Qianyu / Zhang Zhilin / Liu Yan / Li Yuan / Wu Jiacheng / Nawei / Ji Huanbo

Release date: October 1, 2018

A chance, gifted, proficient in Yanshu youth music is no different from leaving home early. Because of the deep admiration and yearning for Xie Yi, the legendary master of Yanshu, he set foot on the cultivation journey of Yanshu. On the way, he met Wen Renyu, Xia Yize, a Ruan and other partners one after another. Young people come from different backgrounds and have different personalities, but they all have a heart of innocence and kindness. When Le Wuwei finally found Xie Yi and worshipped him as a teacher, an evil force named Liuyue city suddenly emerged. With the advent of a mystery, the young people also fall into

10. The adventure of Avanti

Type: Comedy / plot / Animation

Region: Mainland

Release date: October 1, 2018

Afanti, riding a donkey, is back! In the 1980s, Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio created a series of puppet cartoons, the story of Afanti, which has become a good memory of many people's childhood. Thirty nine years later, Afanti, riding a donkey, growing a goatee and caring about human injustice, has reappeared on the screen. The 3D animation film "adventure of Afanti" was released on the national cinema on October 1 this year.

11. Perfect world

Type: plot area: Japan

Starring: sakazawa / Okada Iwata

Release date: October 5, 2018

The love film "perfect world" directed by Kenji Chai and starred by Okada Iwata and Yasunari Sugiyama tells the story of the love between female white-collar worker Kawasaki Kawabata and disabled architect Ishikawa Shu. The film was released in Japan on October 5.

12. Royal Hotel murder

Type: Horror / plot / suspense

Region: USA

Starring: Chris & middot; Hemsworth / Jon & middot; ham / Dakota & middot; Johnson / Jeff & middot; Briggs / Russell & middot; Crowe

Release date: October 5, 2018

The murder at the Royal Hotel is starred by Chris Hemsworth, Jon Hamm, Dakota Johnson, Jeff Briggs, Russell Crowe, Cynthia arivo, Carly Spani, etc. and drew & middot; Golder wrote and directed it. The story revolves around the 1960s, when seven secret strangers meet in a dilapidated Royal Hotel with a dark history.