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What platform does Alipay have? Alipay 8 lending platforms

What platform does Alipay have? What are the loan platforms on Alipay? The following is a small compilation of relevant information for your reference.

1. Ant flower

The amount of ant spend Bai is based on your sesame credit score. The higher your sesame credit score, the higher its limit will be. As long as sesame credit score is more than 600 points, there is a chance to obtain a certain amount, which can be used after opening, and repayment can be made before the 10th of next month.

2. Ants borrow

Some users with more than 600 points of sesame credit have the opportunity to apply for opening the loan. The high limit is 300000, the long repayment period is 12 months, and the daily interest rate is 0.04%. Users with good credit can get preferential loan interest rate of 0.03%, which can be returned with the loan.

3. Zhaolian good term loan

Sesame is divided into 600, that is, there is a chance to apply for a high quota of 200 thousand. In the good time loan service window, click the application quota, fill in the information, then like 10 minutes to the Alipay. However, according to the official statement, it can be paid within one day.

4. Alipay is good at borrowing money.

A good loan is a personal credit loan launched by Alipay and Alipay. The entrance to Alipay will provide a 200 thousand loan with a daily interest rate of 0.03% for the customers with better credit qualifications. It can be said to be very tempting.

5. Online banking

Alipay Internet banking is still serving small and micro businesses, mass consumers, rural operators and farmers, small and medium-sized financial institutions. The application threshold is the same as the previous loan. The loan limit is 10000 yuan, the daily interest rate of loan is 0.05%, and the loan period is 12 months. The method of equal principal repayment is adopted.

6. Interest staging

This product is only for college students, sesame score more than 600 can apply, the loan limit is 2500 yuan, and support face-to-face visa. College students can find "college students zone" in sesame credit, and you can see the interesting stages.

7. Lu Jinsuo

Lufax is an internet financial platform under Ping An group. Besides P2P financing, it also has a variety of options, such as funds, fixed-term financial products, insurance financial products and so on.

8. GF is good at borrowing money

Guangfa youmi finance launched a credit product, the applicant must meet the requirements of a sesame score of 670 points or more, the maximum loan amount is 200000, and the daily interest rate is minimum 3 / 10000.