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What is the popular color system this year? It turns out they're the ones who are at the forefront o

A new round of fashion trend is about to start, so what's the popular color system this year? According to the survey, this year's popular color system is a variety of caramel color system, high-grade gray, long style.

However, careful Netizens found a group of people walking in the forefront of fashion, the original masters have been walking in the front of fashion.

I decided to keep up with the trend and never fall behind;

We have already started the autumn and winter clothes of this color system to keep up with the trend.

Then learn the most elegant dress

​: the most popular item of the season, as well as the most warm matching skills of fashion bloggers. With these, the whole autumn and winter wear with worry?!

Wear 1: coat / trench coat + sweater / shirt + Wide Leg Pants / Jeans / woolen skirt / Plaid casual pants + short boots / loafers / British shoes

Wear 2: suit coat + Lapel shirt / high collar T-shirt + trousers / casual pants / Jeans / Harlem pants + British Shoes / loafers / casual shoes

Wear 3: long sweater / Pullover + T-shirt / Dress / shirt + wide leg jeans / casual pants / Harem Pants / skirt + casual shoes / lefo Shoes / British shoes

Wear 4: shirt + wide leg jeans / denim A-line skirt / Skirt / high waist casual pants + canvas shoes / loafers / British shoes

Technique: tie the top to the waist

Matching artifact: belt

Effect: improve waistline, show thin, show leg length