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How does Alipay ant forest collect energy? How can ant forest steal other people's energy?

Alipay ant forest brush energy skills:

In the Alipay ant forest, walking, paying and so on can get the energy of tree watering, and the higher the credit score of sesame seeds, the more energy of feedback.

Friends who can't get up in the morning can only walk. Subway tickets, movie tickets, water and electricity fees, and train tickets are paid offline.

Among them, 5g is paid off-line once, and the movie and subway are not much worse

Walk 5000 steps, 114-300 or so.

The train ticket is about 200-500 at a time, so we have to pay 12306 customer service to buy ant flowers. After 15 days, the energy will be refunded. It is not recommended to brush more.

For water and electricity, if you don't owe money, you can get 200g if you pay 1.1 yuan each time.

For energetic players, as long as the friends are full, it's OK to steal friends early.

It's also a good way to find someone to water.

If you can't get up in the morning, you'd better not add a friend. Or your energy will be stolen by your friends.