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Xu Jiayin, 290 billion, tops the Forbes list of China's richest people in 2017 for the first time

Hurun Research Institute today released "36ji - Hurun rich list 2017". According to the list, Xu Jiayin topped China's richest man for the first time with 290 billion yuan. Ma Yun actually ranked third. Let's take a look at the latest list of China's richest people with Xiaobian.

In 2016, his fortune was 78 billion; Ma Huateng's fortune ranked 250 billion in second, a half increase from last year; Ma Yun ranked third in 200 billion; Wang Wei in Shun Feng ranked sixth in 150 billion; Robin Li and Ma Dongmin ranked seventh in 125 billion, tenth in NetEase Ding Lei 110 billion, and Su Ningzhang in the Near East.

in just one year, the wealth value of China's top 100 richest people increased by an average of 60%.