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Will banks have a holiday on the national day of 2018

Will banks have a holiday on the national day of 2018

As an inseparable part of our daily living capital account, banks enjoy the same holiday rights on national statutory holidays. If business needs to be handled during the holidays, the duty windows of some banks will be open to the public. How does the bank arrange the holidays during the National Day holiday?

Is the bank holiday on National Day 2018

National Day is a legal holiday, and some banking businesses will also have a holiday.

Banks remind that in order not to affect the normal handling of some business, citizens in need may as well make plans in advance of the festival.

According to the usual practice in previous years, except for some outlets reserved for external business from October 1 to 3, the rest outlets were closed for business during 9:00-17:00, and all outlets were open as usual from October 4 to 7. Generally, there is no holiday for personal business, but for public. So we should make financial planning in advance.

It will be closed from October 1 to October 7, 2018 for a total of 7 days.

October 1 (Monday), October 2 (Tuesday) and October 3 (Wednesday) are national day legal holidays

The public holidays on September 29 (Saturday) and September 30 (Sunday) will be transferred to October 4 (Thursday) and October 5 (Friday)

Holiday arrangement of Bank National Day in 2018

During the national day of 2018, banks also have holidays. During the national day, most of the bank outlets have basically the same holiday time. Among them, they do not open business from October 1 to October 3 and have a three-day holiday. Some outlets start to operate holiday business hours from October 4 to 7, that is, from 9:00 to 16:00.

Due to the particularity of banks, the specific holiday arrangements should be based on their holiday announcement.

The bank belongs to the service industry, there will certainly be someone on duty. However, some businesses may not be handled. The notice issued by the local bank shall prevail. For specific holiday matters and compensatory leave arrangements, we can pay attention to the notices posted by various banks at their outlets.

During the holiday period, ATM self-service equipment, telephone banking, online banking, etc. of many banks are in normal operation, and can handle business at ATM.

The regulations of banks in different regions are different. If you have any questions, you can call the customer service hotline of relevant banks.

What are the banking hours during the National Day

Bank business hours are 9:00-17:00 on national day.

National Day banks do not rest, but during this period can only handle personal business, such as personal savings, withdrawals and so on. However, it is not accepted during the period of public business holidays and can only wait until after the holiday.

Some banks have holidays on national day, but in some prosperous areas, bank branches have work. In order to ensure that you don't waste your time, if you want to go to the bank during National Day, you'd better call customer service in advance.