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Do cigarettes have a shelf life? How long is the shelf life of cigarettes

Do cigarettes have a shelf life? How long is the shelf life of cigarettes many products have shelf life, but some special products have no shelf life. For example, tobacco, wine, we all know that the longer the better. The shelf life is unlimited, but tobacco is different, including the old smokers who have been smoking for a long time who don't know how long the shelf life of cigarettes is. Now the editor can tell you clearly that cigarettes have shelf life! The following editor will teach you The calculation method of tobacco shelf life and how to keep tobacco for a long time.

How long is the shelf life of cigarettes

Generally speaking, the shelf life of cigarettes is about one or two years, but due to the different storage environment, the shelf life of cigarettes will also be different. For example, in the environment of high temperature and humidity, cigarettes will become moldy after a summer. In the dry and cold areas, the shelf life of cigarettes can be more than 2 years. If refrigerators are stored, the shelf life can be as long as several years, or even 10 years. Of course, the shelf life of the above cigarettes is limited to the whole unopened cigarettes. For unpacked single pack cigarettes, it's better to smoke them out as soon as possible. In addition, because of the loss of outsourcing cartons in the distribution process of cigarettes, some dealers may not know the production date of the cigarettes they sell. The newly purchased cigarettes should also be consumed as soon as possible.

How to keep cigarettes

Cigarette is a very complex product, and its storage time varies greatly with the storage environment. The same brand of cigarettes may have different shelf life in the South and north of China. For example, in the South with high temperature and humidity, after only one summer, the dried tobacco will mellow and absorb enough water. Once the weather changes, it is easy to get moldy. In the north with dry and cold climate, the shelf life of cigarettes can be several years.

Cigarettes can be stored for two years if they are properly stored in a dry environment. After leaving the factory, the cigarettes usually need to be mellowed in the warehouse for about 10 days, then enter the market, and finally arrive at the hands of consumers after dealers. It is almost impossible for the truly marketable brand cigarettes to stay in the hands of dealers for a year or two. The moldy cigarettes are all caused by improper storage in the hands of consumers. The best environment for cigarette preservation is to keep the temperature at about 4 ℃ and the humidity at 60%. If the cigarette is not smoked temporarily, it is better not to open the package. If it is stored at home, put it in the refrigerator and freezer.

The storage time of ordinary cigarettes should not exceed two years, because even if the cigarettes are not moldy, their taste will change and their quality will be greatly reduced. In addition, if you buy cigarettes with slight mildew and other quality problems, you have the right to ask the merchants to return and exchange the goods in a short period of time, and the merchants can recover from the wholesalers.

Wrap the whole cigarette with plastic wrap, tie up the mouth, then put a plastic bag in the refrigerator. I am in the south of Hunan Province. It's very hot in summer. There's a lot of moisture outside. I put vegetables in the fridge every day. It's OK to have more water.