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How does oral ulcer heal quickly? What is the cause of oral ulcer oral ulcer is our commonly known bad mouth. Regardless of a small wound, it's a big trouble to ache. It's painful to eat and drink water, even to talk to people. So what's the reason for frequent oral ulcer? What should we do if we have oral ulcer? Let's have a look at it together!

I. why do you suffer from oral ulcer

1. Accidentally bite the mouth

It's a really devastating reason. It's not uncommon to bite yourself when talking or eating. It's not uncommon to bite yourself and cause ulcers. So it's really not to worry about eating or speaking, or you'll really regret it.

2. Decreased immunity

Life, diet, work and rest, or work pressure increase, will cause the physical condition is not very good, in this case, all kinds of viruses are easy to invade, whether it is a cold, bad mouth are easy to find you, pay attention to their own physical condition when feeling bad, but also pay attention to all aspects of their lives.

3. The food eaten every day is inflamed

Oral inflammation is also commonly known as inflamed, which is closely related to what you eat. You may eat too many nuts, fried foods and other high-fat foods, and lack of vegetables and fruits fiber vitamins, so you are more likely to have ulcers.

4. Frequent ulcer is not easy to heal

If your bad mouth is very frequent and not easy to be cured, it is recommended to go to the hospital to make a professional diagnosis for the doctor. Don't check some prescriptions on the Internet again. If the oral ulcer takes too long, it may reflect many physical conditions. It is necessary to check it carefully.

II. Quick healing of oral ulcer

1. Eating kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit is one of the best tricks. When you break your mouth again, you must immediately buy a pile of kiwi fruit to supplement vitamins. The rich nutrients in kiwi fruit help repair oral ulcer, but it is more useful to eat more than three.

2. Stop eating stimulating food

During this period of time, oral ulcer can bear its own appetite. First, eat light, fried, spicy, etc. slowly, let the mouth break, rest and repair.

3. Enough rest and sleep

If you go to bed earlier, or if your mouth ulcer is not caused by a bite or poor physical condition, staying up late or eating problems, you will get angry. Having enough sleep time is also a good way to speed up the repair, not only to improve your mouth, but also to adjust your recent physical condition.